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Press Release -- April 30th, 2020
Source: Huawei

MediaTek and Huawei Complete 5G Super Uplink Interoperability Testing

[April 30, 2020, Shanghai, China] Huawei and MediaTek reached a new big milestone of completing the 5G NR Interoperability and Development Testing for the Super Uplink solution in the lab environment. Based on the Super Uplink standard updated in 3GPP, this testing has verified in full scale the solution performance regarding user access, dynamic carrier switching, uplink and downlink throughput, mobility, and feature interoperability. Overall, this trial success will significantly advance the industry’s development.

Conventional mobile technologies focus on downlink transmission for people. As 5G continues to develop rapidly, industrial digitalization is gaining momentum, placing high requirements on uplink services in terms of capacity, latency, and other aspects. 5G Super Uplink improves uplink capability and shortens latency through spectrum coordination, high- and low-spectrum complementation, and time- and frequency-domain convergence.

This testing is performed on terminals equipped with the MediaTek 5G M70 baseband chipset and Huawei’s latest 5G base station. The time division multiplexing technology of the uplink channel of terminal antennas has been verified, which is a major breakthrough for both MediaTek and Huawei. Also, this testing verified the feasibility of dynamic switching of the terminal’s uplink channel across frequency bands. This means that with the Super Uplink solution, the terminal can flexibly utilize uplink resources of different frequency bands, converging and thereby improving uplink capabilities. Additionally, based on the latest 3GPP standard, this testing has proved that terminals’ switching latency requirement of uplink transmission can be further lowered. This lifts constraints on terminal technologies, so that Super Uplink will be supported on a much wider range of terminals. This will create a favorable condition for operators to provide an improved experience for both common and enterprise users.

Currently, the 5G Super Uplink industry chain is maturing quickly, with end-to-end capabilities ready in terms of the radio access network, core network, and terminals. The successful testing by MediaTek and Huawei lays a solid foundation for the scale commercial adoption of Super Uplink. In the near future, it will enable differentiated and high-quality services for end users in the mobile broadband and industry fields.

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