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Press Release -- February 19th, 2020
Source: Cologix

Vancouver Internet Exchange (VANIX) Deploys at Cologix’s New Vancouver Interconnection Hub VAN3

VANIX expands open internet exchange in the region’s largest network neutral data center

Denver, Colorado, February 19, 2020: Cologix, a network-neutral interconnection, ecosystem and hyperscale edge data center company, today announced that the Vancouver Internet Exchange (VANIX), a network-neutral, independent internet exchange based in Vancouver, will deploy a core node in Cologix’s new Vancouver facility (VAN3) at 2828 Natal Street. VANIX is an open, participant-run, not-for-profit exchange, serving as a key technology portal in Vancouver, Canada and across the globe.

Adding this new node enables VANIX participants to peer on the exchange within Vancouver’s newest and largest network neutral data centre (VAN3) that offers 5MW of power across 42,000 square feet of data center space for customers. VANIX peering participants will appreciate the space, power and connectivity at VAN3 with ample room to scale.

“We are excited to be expanding our reach with an additional core node in Cologix’s new state-of-the-art facility,” said Chris Murray, VANIX Board Chair. “Today, VANIX interconnects over 55 IP networks and offers participants low latency, fast network performance with robust connectivity in a safe and reliable environment. Vancouver has become a tech hub with a flourishing tech-start-up community, supported by strong government incentives and a large talent pool. Over the last year, growth continues as major technology giants have set up outposts in and around the city. Reliable, faster and less expensive access to the internet has never been more important to British Columbia to support the community. We are thrilled Cologix continues to invest in Vancouver and supports VANIX’s continued growth in the peering community. VAN3 showcases Cologix’s commitment to British Columbia with the largest available capacity in the market, supporting explosive growth in tech-based businesses including SaaS, AI, content, fintech, film and television, gaming, healthcare and more.”

Cologix has been a supporter of the Internet exchange since its inception in 2015. The company initially supported VANIX’s expansion at its VAN2 data center at 1050 West Pender Street, donating resources and connectivity between VAN2 and the VANIX infrastructure at 555 W. Hastings Street (VAN1). The ongoing support at VAN3 reinforces Cologix’s commitment to VANIX and the economic development value it provides to businesses and end users of the internet.

“Cologix continues to invest in Vancouver to support increasing demand for unfettered connectivity at the digital edge,” said Cologix’s Chief Technology Officer Matt Spencer. “We are strong supporters of VANIX and its mission to provide an open, independent exchange for Vancouver’s peering community. We are happy to continue this support of VANIX by contributing valuable resources and connectivity at our new VAN3 facility. VAN3 is a highly redundant, concurrently maintainable Tier III designed and constructed facility. Cologix invested $5 million in seismic upgrades to protect customer’s infrastructures and harnesses green, renewable energy to reduce our carbon footprint. We look forward to our continued partnership and enabling VANIX to grow through Cologix’s robust ecosystem of customers and partners.”

Key VAN3 highlights include:

  • Best available network neutral connectivity: VAN3 is a purpose-built data center enabling access to 20+ unique networks, the Vancouver Internet Exchange (VANIX) and all the major cloud providers.
  • Central location: In Vancouver, 7KM from VAN1 & VAN2 and directly linked to both data centers via a diverse fibre ring.
  • Powerful infrastructure: 5 MW of capacity for high-density customer needs and up to 40 kW per cabinet with concurrently maintainable by line-up distributed redundant four to make three power and cooling systems.
  • Green Technology: Designed for ultra-efficiency with hot air containment system. Cologix has implemented highly efficient chillers with oil-free magnetic bearing compressors with built-in free cooling coils that enables the outside climate to cool the data center for the majority of the year.
  • Top certifications and security: SOC 1, SOC 2, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS compliant.
  • Environmental risk investments: $5 million in seismic upgrades to help protect customers in the event of an earthquake in the Tier III constructed facility.

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VANIX is a not-for-profit corporation that operates an Internet exchange led by an experienced group of network and business professionals from prominent businesses throughout Canada. VANIX provides Internet and network-based businesses the ability to connect confidently to a professional and responsive local Internet exchange.

The VANIX community of peers is a strong, dependable, and diverse group of companies and organizations that are dedicated to improving the Internet in Canada through collaboration and cooperation. This makes the exchange an oasis of neutrality within the competitive landscape, a key technology portal between Canada and the world and a pivotal network meeting point on the west coast of North America. Visit or follow VANIX on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Media Contact:

Melissa Gelfand
Senior Director, Marketing at Cologix

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