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Press Release -- February 25th, 2020
Source: matsing

MatSing’s New Vetted Antenna Technology Significantly Boosts LTE Capacity at Amalie Arena

MatSing lens technology is the perfect fit for both 4G and 5G,
and is seen as the most cost-effective network densification tool in the industry.

Irvine, CA (February 25, 2020) – MatSing® (, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-capacity RF lens antennas, today announced the success of its antennas at the Amalie Arena, home of NHL’s Tampa Bay Lightning, easily handling the immense wireless traffic by providing the data capacity and speed necessary for the best possible fan experience to share personal and game day moments on social media.

“Our spherical lens antennas implement a unique technology that allows a single antenna to provide up to 48 high capacity coverage sectors, replacing 48 traditional MatSing at Amalie Arenaantennas with a single lens,” said Michael Matytsine, executive vice president of operations at MatSing. “Unlike other current solutions, like under-seat antennas, the MatSing ball antennas typically have a clear line-of-sight path to potential users, offering faster and better connections, while significantly reducing the number of antenna locations.”

The new and unique design of the MatSing antennas provides the best radio frequency signal control in the industry, giving users exceptional RF performance at much lower power. They also bring greater flexibility to accommodate any seating configuration, while providing cell coverage to even the most difficult to reach areas of the arena. MatSing spherical lens antennas have been strategically placed throughout Amalie Arena to easily manage the cell traffic even during the heaviest usage. The MatSing lens antennas also allow customers to plan for the future, as each antenna can provide multiple zones that can be initially combined and later increased to allow for future capacity growth without adding new antennas.

“We’ve experienced outstanding performance from the carriers leveraging the MatSing antennas,” said Andrew McIntyre, Amalie Arena SVP of Technology and IT. “Robust wireless connectivity at Amalie Arena is critical for delivering a World Class+ experience and we couldn’t be happier with the decision to use MatSing’s Lens antennas.”

MatSing’s patented lens technology has enabled them to be at the forefront of the antenna industry, focusing on using RF lenses, also called ‘Luneberg Lenses,’ to outperform traditional phased-array (panel) and dish antennas. Two things that set the Matsing ‘Ball’ antennas apart are:

  1. their ability to provide multiple independent, high-performance beams from a single antenna, and
  2. their ability to cover multiple frequency bands through a single antenna.

With the ability to tightly focus its radio frequency beams, a MatSing antenna can target a very precise area, as opposed to regular antennas which offer much less accurate ways of concentrating and focusing the signals. Ultimately, this reduces interference for cellular users and provides faster throughput while utilizing fewer antennas.

“Redesigning the Neutral Host Distributed Antenna System at Amalie Arena and working closely with the Technology & Innovation team, as well as a tier 1 carrier, has proven to be an exceptional experience and we are very pleased with the outcome,” added Matytsine. “And because our technology is well poised for increasing data capacity and the imminent roll out of 5G, Amalie Arena is already far ahead of the game.”

MobileNet Services was tasked with testing the mobile data user experience inside Amalie Arena during opening night (October 3rd, 2019 – with attendance over 19,000) for the Tampa Bay Lightning hockey game. The methodology and results have been discussed and compiled, and are available in the Amalie Arena Opening Day User Experience Testing Report. For more information about MatSing lens antenna technology, visit or call 949.585.5144.

About MatSing, Inc.
MatSing is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-performance and high-capacity RF lens antennas. Founded in 2005, with a strong focus and background in metamaterials, MatSing continues to develop patented metamaterials and manufacturing techniques to create the world’s first large, light weight multi-beam RF lenses, bringing a new age of antennas to the telecommunications industry. Each antenna provides multiple independent sectors covering multiple bands, allowing users to have the highest capacity from the fewest locations (up to 96 independent sectors from a single tower). MatSing provides a range of antennas for all applications (Macro, Events, Venues), allowing users to select the correct antenna type based on the number of cell-site locations and required capacity. Visit MatSing at for more information.

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