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Press Release -- February 12th, 2020
Source: AT&T

Experience 5G from AT&T on Samsung Galaxy S20 Devices

2 Requires compatible plan for AT&T 5G and 5G+ connections. Limited AT&T 5G and 5G+ availability. May not be available in your area. AT&T 5G is available in parts of: Birmingham, AL, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, CA; Bridgeport, CT; Washington, D.C.; Indianapolis, IN; Louisville, KY; Boston, MA; Baltimore, MD; Detroit, MI; Las Vegas, NV; Buffalo, New York, Rochester, NY; Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, PA; Providence, RI; Milwaukee, WI. AT&T 5G+ service is not available in most areas. 5G+ is offered in very limited locations in specific cities. Device will display 5G+ coverage indicator when used in an area where 5G+ coverage is available. 5G+ requires approximate unobstructed line of site to signal source. For details on AT&T 5G coverage and the venues, campuses and other points of interests where 5G+ is available [visit]8 UP TO $1000 CREDIT W/ TRADE-IN OFFER: Limited time offer. Requires port-in of new line from an eligible third-party carrier to receive up to $1000 off eligible S20 5G, S20+ 5G, S20 Ultra 5G devices (max credit of up to $1000 for port-in of new line; $500 for new line without port-in.  Req’s trade-in of eligible smartphone and purch. of new eligible smartphone on qualifying 0% APR installment plan (30 mos. up to $53.33/mo.). Other installment options may be available and vary by location. If buying on the AT&T Installment Plan with Next Up, customer is responsible and will not receive any credits for an additional $5/mo. for the Next Up upgrade feature. $0 down: Well-qualified credit may be required for $0 down on device, or down payment may be required. Max discount will not exceed the lower of the device cost or the max credit you are eligible for under this offer. Eligible Smartphones: After all credits, get Samsung S20 5G, S20+ 5G, S20 Ultra 5G (priced up to $1600) for up to $1000 off. Tax on full retail price due at sale.  Req’d Wireless: Postpaid unlimited voice & data (min. $65/mo. if new with autopay and paperless bill discount. Pay $75/mo. until discount starts w/in 2 bills. Existing customers can add to current unlimited plan if eligible, which may be less). For a list of eligible plans, see FAQ for details. On unlimited plans, video may be ltd to SD. Speed, usage & other restr’s apply. See for current unlimited plans. If you cancel wireless, credits will stop and will owe device balance of up to $1,600. If you cancel service on any other line within 90 days of activating the line under this offer credits will stop. Activation Fee: $30. Return: Return w/in 14 days. Restocking fee up to $55 may apply. Add’l terms for customers w/ Subscriber Paid User acct: Minimum wireless service for such customers is $28.50/mo. Elig. Trade-In: Eligible devices only. See for list of eligible devices. Trade-in must be in good working condition. Req’s min. $60 trade-in value & meet AT&T Trade-In Program reqmts. Must trade in elig. smartphone at a participating location and complete trade-in within 30 days from activation of new phone. This is not an early upgrade program. Trade-in device may not be on existing installment plan. Other Obligations: Trade-in does not relieve obligations under AT&T installment or other AT&T Return and Exchange programs including recently-purchased device returns, Warranty, or Extended Warranty. Devices to be returned through these AT&T programs should not be traded in via this offer. If trade-in value of device is greater than the credit you are eligible for under this offer, you may receive a one-time trade-in credit (value via instant credit or promo card) in lieu of this bill credit offer.  See for terms and to check if your device is eligible. Bill Credits: Credits start w/in 3 bills. Will receive catch-up credits once credits start.  Applied monthly in equal amounts over entire agmt term & will not exceed the lower of the device cost or $1000 with new line with port-in or up to $500 for new line without port-in. Wireless line must be on an installment agreement, active & in good standing for 30 days to qualify. Installment agmt starts when device is shipped. To get all credits, device must remain on agmt for entire term and you must keep eligible service on device for entire installment term. If you upgrade or pay up/off agmt on discounted device early your credits may cease.  Limits: One trade-in per qual. purchase and one credit per line. May not be combinable w/other offers, discounts or credits. Purchase, financing, other limits & restr’s apply. This offer may make your account ineligible for select other offers (including bill credit offers) for 12 months.  Visit a participating store for offer details.

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