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Press Release -- February 27th, 2020
Source: Huawei

China Mobile (Zhejiang) and Huawei’s NB-IoT Smart Fire Control Won the GSMA GLOMO ‘Best Mobile Innovation for Smart Cities’ Award

[Shenzhen, China, February 27, 2020] GSMA announced the winner list of GLOMO Awards 2020. China Mobile Zhejiang Group and Huawei’s joint entry ‘NB-IoT Smart Fire Control’ stood out from intense competitions and won the “Best Mobile Innovation for Smart Cities” award, which was granted to the organisation which has re-set the bar for what it means to be a ‘Smart City’, the ultimate manifestation of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

As judges have commented “a focused and well-tested smart city solution”, NB-IoT Smart City Fire Control delivers profound impacts on a city’s residents, fire brigade, and municipal government as follows:

  • Uses cellular connections between the smoke detectors and requires no cabling
  • Plug-and-play easy installation
  • Smart notification & End-to-end visibility and management
  • High reliability and wide coverage

From 2018 to 2019, Zhejiang Mobile teamed up with Huawei and Zhejiang government regional offices, and deployed the NB-IoT based fire alarm system, which includes: 1) NB-IoT smoke detectors, 2) Fire monitoring platform, 3) Fire alarm APP, 4) Zhejiang mobile’s NB-IoT network. More than 1.38 million smoke detectors have been deployed.

Several fire incidents have been successfully prevented with NB-IoT fire control, for instance in Dongyang wood factory and a warehouse in northern Yiwu. The fire station received the alarms generated by NB-IoT smoke detectors timely and was able to take quick actions to extinguish fire at the early stages. Tens of millions Yuan in inventory and equipment were saved.

Zhejiang Mobile obtained considerable revenue by selling fire warning services, which expands its traditional business scope from pure network connections to terminal reselling, cloud platform, service integration and operation. The average revenue per user (ARPU) is increased significantly. As a very scalable solution, the potential market of the NB-IoT fire alarm system is vast and the future growth is sustainable. So far, more than 5 million NB-IoT smoke detectors have been deployed throughout China.

Fire safety is at the heart of a city’s prosperity and sustainable development. Residential buildings, grocery markets, senior houses, and street side shops are the key places to secure fire safety, due to the high density population and heavy casualties of fire disasters. In China, most of the fires occurred in these places where smoke detectors were not deployed and fire alarm systems were not available. However, traditional smoke detectors cannot solve the problem due to the need of cabling which is not suitable for old buildings, the lack of internet connections to send notifications when the owner is not home or escalations to the fire monitoring center when the situation is severe. In an era when advanced telecommunication technologies are increasingly available, traditional fire alarm systems can be transformed to smart ones with NB-IoT, which feature easy installation, high reliability, and reliable notification to building owners and/or fire services.

NB-IoT is a low power wide area (LPWA) technology based on mobile operators’ networks. To date, there are 92 NB-IoT networks in 61 countries/regions, making it the widest LPWA network in the world. With 3 years’ fast development, NB-IoT ecosystem is very mature, with more than 50 industrial applications. The price of NB-IoT modules has been continuously reduced to approach 2G modules. In January 2020, NB-IoT global connections exceeded 100 million, a milestone signifying its dominance among LPWA technologies.

The annual GLOMO Awards were set up to recognize pioneering feats of mobile technology. Prizes are handed out in a variety of different categories, including Mobile Technology, Connected Consumer, Industry X, and Tech4Good. More than 250 independent judges from across the world are involved in the award process. The panels comprise leading industry experts, analysts, journalists, academics and in some cases representatives from mobile operators. This 5G Industry Partnership Award rewards partnerships, which show credible ambitions and sustainable economic models in achieving their 5G project, partnerships that demonstrate how 5G can truly transform industries to ultimately bring 5G to life for a better future.

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