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Press Release -- December 12th, 2019

Bandwidth Announces Successful Implementation of STIR/SHAKEN Call Authentication Regime with Verizon

Business and consumer telecom leaders take one big step together toward protecting consumers from fraudulent robocalls

Enterprise CPaaS provider Bandwidth announces today that it has successfully partnered with Verizon on implementing STIR/SHAKEN call authentication between the Verizon Wireless and Bandwidth carrier networks. The new interoperability allows Bandwidth and Verizon to more accurately authenticate and verify traffic routed between the two carriers.  

As a brief background, the STIR/SHAKEN standards have been developed by telecom industry experts as a step to help stop fraud and abuse in the form of robocalling and inappropriately spoofed numbers. While STIR/SHAKEN will not by itself eliminate or block unwanted robocalls, it is a critical tool to support providers as they build out functionality that restores trust in Caller ID, thereby helping consumers avoid bad calls and get good ones.

“If I don’t recognize who’s calling me, I don’t answer my phone,” said Scott Mullen, CTO of Bandwidth. “I’m sure a lot of consumers feel the same way. The ultimate goal here is to rebuild consumer’s confidence so calls get answered, and people begin to communicate directly again. This partnership with Verizon is a huge step in the right direction.”

“We’re excited to work with Bandwidth in deploying STIR/SHAKEN technology in our network,” said Joe Russo, Verizon SVP of Network Operations. “Every day we’re taking additional steps, using various technologies, to help keep annoying robocalls from harassing our customers. As we actively deploy STIR/SHAKEN in our network with Bandwidth and others, we’re another step closer to bringing real and sustainable relief to consumers and businesses, including restoring trust in Caller ID services.”

Bandwidth is committed to furthering its industry leading work through on-going efforts with Verizon and others to help ensure that consumers see the benefits of this promising technology. Mullen went on to say, “The industry as a whole has a long road ahead to fully eliminate illegal robocalls. As we interop with additional carriers we hope to see the same level of positive communication and collaboration that we experienced with Verizon.”

Moving into 2020, the amount of authenticated and verified traffic passed between Bandwidth and Verizon will continue to ramp and increase. Ultimately, Bandwidth and Verizon are working towards 100% peered voice traffic being STIR/SHAKEN attested.To learn more about this effort, and the STIR/SHAKEN protocols, visit: “What is STIR/SHAKEN and How Does it Impact Robocalling?”


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