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Press Release -- November 25th, 2019
Source: Adva Optical Networking

ADVA wins MEF19 PoC award

Judges recognize joint demo of orchestrated virtualized multi-vendor SD-WAN aligned with MEF 3.0 service automation

25 November 2019

ADVA (FSE: ADV) today announced that it has jointly won this year’s MEF19 Proof of Concept (PoC) Award in the category of MEF 3.0 SD-WAN Implementation. Built on ADVA’s market-leading Ensemble NFV software, the winning PoC showcased the next stage in the evolution of SD-WAN. It demonstrated how communication service providers (CSPs) can harness new levels of agility to deliver differentiated offerings and value-added third-party services. Presented at MEF19 by NTT Communications, ADVA, Netcracker, NEC, Silver Peak, Spirent and Versa, the joint demo featured several key technologies that are critical for enabling multi-vendor SD-WAN solutions. It showed how SD-WAN services can be procured, orchestrated and managed using standards-based end-to-end service automation.
“This award win highlights the value of agility, rapid service deployment and customer choice. CSPs want to offer differentiated cloud business services and give their customers a real competitive advantage. What we’ve demonstrated with our PoC is how standards-based NFV can be leveraged to quickly, simply and cost-effectively deploy multi-vendor SD-WAN services through automated operations using standard orchestration capabilities,” said Mike Heffner, VP, product line management, Edge Cloud, ADVA. “This demo shows how our Ensemble NFV software suite is the key to dynamic services and reduced hardware cost. By leveraging our open NFVi middleware solution, CSPs can deploy SD-WAN applications from leading suppliers across a wide array of open devices. They can even provision those services to the exact specifications of an individual customer.”

This demo shows how our Ensemble NFV software suite is the key to dynamic services and reduced hardware cost.

Mike Heffner, VP, product line management, Edge Cloud, ADVA
The award-winning PoC, “Orchestrated virtualized multi-vendor SD-WAN services,” enabled MEF 70-compliant SD-WAN applications from different vendors to be selected independently of the CPE hardware and seamlessly deployed with little-to-no intervention from the CSP or end-user. Through this new digital user experience, SD-WAN services are orchestrated, activated, assured and managed using zero-touch provisioning and end-to-end service automation in alignment with MEF’s LSO framework. The PoC features ADVA’s Ensemble open virtualization suite complete with datapath encryption, troubleshooting capabilities and support for all cloud deployment models. The Ensemble platform also provides access to the market’s widest ecosystem of VNFs and the largest set of supported compute platforms.
“Our award-winning PoC is about giving CSPs the power to deliver and manage virtualized SD-WAN in a completely automated way. That means faster time-to-market, enhanced operational agility and significantly lower costs,” commented Prayson Pate, CTO, Edge Cloud, ADVA. “By leveraging the open SD-WAN reference architecture and LSO APIs developed by MEF, we’ve been able to ensure full-service provisioning, assurance and lifecycle automation. That reduces complex manual operations and helps support CSPs looking to easily and quickly scale new enterprise customers and sites. This demo also offers a way to increase differentiation through a new digital user experience, which enables CSPs to control and manage services far more effectively or give full visibility and control to their enterprise customers.”

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