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Press Release -- October 9th, 2019
Source: Huawei

Huawei Releases 5G Antenna White Paper to Unveil 3 Major Industry Trends

Amsterdam, the Netherlands, October 8, 2019] Huawei released 5G Antenna White Paper at the 8th Global Antenna Technology & Industry Forum that is taking place in Amsterdam.

The white paper presents an elaborate analysis of antenna industry’s trending developments for evolution to 5G, simplified deployment, and AI-based operation and maintenance. It also offers thoughtful insights into the fundamental characteristics, coordinated design, and value outlook for the intelligent operation and maintenance of 5G antennas.

The white paper suggests that all-band beamforming is a fundamental characteristic of 5G antennas. The evolution of mobile broadband (MBB) networks to 5G, fueled by an increasingly mature 5G industry chain, is driving the “all-band-to-5G” transition. High-precision beamforming enables higher reference signal received power (RSRP) and signal to interference plus noise ratio (SINR) performance. 5G antennas are already capable of implementing high-precision beamforming on the C-band and TDD 2.6GHz band. In future, FDD sub-3GHz bands will also support this function so as to ensure better network performance.

The white paper also considers coordinated design as an important attribute of 5G antennas. The 5G era will usher in an unprecedented level of coordination between radio access networks (RANs) and antennas. End-to-end (E2E) antenna coordinated design will evolve into an integral capability of the antenna industry. In addition, the “all-band-to-5G” transition demands simplified site deployment, all-band beamforming, active antennas, and ultra-wideband support of RF modules. This new trend will accelerate the RAN-antenna coordination shift from performance coordination in 4G to a comprehensive coordination across component, product, and feature levels, so as to better address 5G network configuration and performance requirements.

The white paper points out that 5G antennas will deliver many network benefits, including intelligent and simplified network management. As an example, scenario-specific 3D beam adaptation will enable additional self-optimization functionality on mobile networks, intelligent channel shutdown will improve network energy efficiency, and high-precision real-time positioning for mMTC applications will enable GPS-free locating for Internet of Things (IoT) terminals.

“5G represents a new era of mobile networks while also leading the antenna industry toward new horizons,” said Zhang Jiayi, President of Huawei Antenna Business Unit, “Huawei is committed to creating platforms for cooperation and innovation in the antenna industry, enabling mobile network operators to transition to the 5G era and achieve business success.”

Download 5G Antenna White Paper : PDF, 3.6MB

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