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Press Release -- October 25th, 2019
Source: Huawei

Huawei and Partners Placed Among the Best at 5G Application Contest

Hangzhou, China, October 23, 2019] The finals were recently held for the second “Zhanfang Cup ” 5G application contest in Hangzhou. 10 placements were selected for first place from among 3731 projects in China. Joint projects between Huawei and its partners saw multiple wins in this category.

Among these was the “Application of 5G Communications Technology in Smart Grid” entry by China Southern Power Grid, China Mobile, Guangdong Telecom Network Technology Consulting Institute, and Huawei. The project utilizes key technologies such as intelligent network slicing to realize four core scenarios: high security slicing, low latency control, high bandwidth inspection, and numerous connections for metering. The solution meets industry requirements for top-level design, international standards, key technologies, live network pilots, and service operation. Huawei made it to six of the top placements in several areas, as published in its 5G Smart Grid White Paper, such as its field test of differential protection for power distribution networks, its E2E SA slicing field test, 3GPP power requirement standard, PMU field test, and SA slicing operation management.

The “5G MEC-based Haier Smart Factory Device-Edge-Cloud Collaboration System and Innovative Applications” entry by Haier, China Mobile, Mstar Technologies, HiScene, and Huawei, uses 5G MEC to connect production elements such as machine vision, AR man-machine collaboration, intelligent transportation, smart energy, and digitalization of knowledge accumulation. In addition, the introduction of AI meets differentiated network requirements and a deterministic network experience. It features high data security, simplified deployment and operation, secure app algorithms, and maintenance innovation, promoting the complete upgrade of manufacturing industry structure and building a precedent for industrial 4.0 enterprises. This is the first time that cloud machine vision systems have been combined with 5G + MEC in industrial manufacturing. This continues on from Haier, China Mobile, and Huawei’s joint release of the world’s first smart + 5G interconnection factory at the end of July, 2019.

SANY Heavy Industry, China Telecom, and Huawei entered their “Intelligent Network Connection AGV with 5G Edge Cloud” project. This project fully utilizes the powerful third-party applications and GPU computing integration capabilities of the 5G MEC platform to provide high-density computing capabilities at the edge and integrate unmanned driving algorithms. The solution implements intelligent wireless connection, high-density MEC, and a centralized management platform. It migrates recalculation tasks from AVG visual and laser radar convergence to the 5G MEC platform, senses and collects information, implements intelligent edge analysis and processing, and receives control instructions. End-to-end latency will be controlled to within milliseconds, meeting SLA requirements. This helps push past the limitations of previous AGV computing, reduce its cost and complexity, and improve the intelligence of AGV cars.

TCL, China Mobile, Getech, and Huawei entered the “Practical 5G MEC, Building a TCL New Smart Industrial Park” project. This project aims to collaboratively achieve indoor and outdoor coverage of 5G networks in industrial environments and build an overall architecture for “Industrial Internet + Enterprise Private Cloud + MEC + Functional Cloud”. This will be achieved using the openness of MEC. Huawei provides differentiated + deterministic network service capabilities to implement factory applications such as 5G + 8K ultra HD, industrial vision, flexible manufacturing, AI quality inspection, industrial manufacturing sensing, remote office, and intelligent warehouse. This project explored a new business model and verified 5G capabilities, such as 5G network coverage, network interconnection, IoT 5G reconstruction, intelligent edge layer construction, and third-party ecosystems.

As of now, Huawei has signed more than 60 5G commercial contracts with leading global carriers, and established the 5G deterministic network industry alliance with industry partners. Huawei has carried out a series of cross-industry cooperation in fields such as smart grid, smart manufacturing, ultra-HD, smart healthcare, and Internet of Vehicles (IoV). Huawei works with partners to build a thriving 5G ecosystem and explore innovative business models for 5G in various industries. Huawei will continue to work hard to provide better services and better solutions for customers’ solutions.

Under the guidance of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT), IMT-2020 (5G) Promotion Team, and China Communications Standards Association jointly held the “Zhanfang Cup” contest, collecting innovative cases of 5G application with the theme “Future, 5G Enablement, and Digital Wave”. It aims to leverage industry needs and enterprise innovation to facilitate the commercialization of 5G.

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