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Press Release -- October 1st, 2019
Source: beowulf

Beowulf Goes Live with a Global, Decentralized Communications Network

A new global, fully decentralized cloud network that will provide businesses with faster and cheaper services than centralized competitors has launched

SINGAPORE – Beowulf, a fully decentralized cloud communications network for enterprise and consumers, has officially launched, facilitating seamless on-chain payments for enterprises. Beowulf through its products is partnered with some of the largest companies across Asia.

With the goal of facilitating secure, low-cost, customizable B2B communications, Beowulf has developed a suite of services built on blockchain to help businesses reach a wider audience. Supporting the network is a distributed ledger that is supportive of the exchange and delivery of multiple solutions.

Beowulf’s technology emcompasses a comprehensive suite that handles various communication functions (voice, video, messaging) from front-end to back-end infrastructure, with enterprises paying per minute-of-usage; QUICKOM, a patent-pending concept which aims to replace phone numbers with scannable QR codes for improved privacy and connectivity; a decentralized distant learning platform named Victoria; and HANA, an innovative telemedicine system.

With their launch, Beowulf Founder and CEO Dr. William H. Nguyen is excited about what the future holds. “I have no doubt that the technological advances at the heart of Beowulf can help to address widespread commercial inefficiencies and operational challenges. This has already been shown in the partnerships we have formed, particularly in the telecom and communications industry.”

“Beowulf is a young but hungry company, and our commitment to B2B innovation, with a focus on scalability, will be instrumental in getting our software into the hands of enterprises that could benefit from it the most.”

Beowulf’s communication solutions are especially focused on industries such as healthcare, education, finance, transportation and customer service, although Dr. Nguyen believes a broad range of sectors can benefit from the company’s technology stack.

“Any company for whom service interruptions and communication efficiencies pose a problem would relish the superior connectivity and low latency our distributed solution offers. Whether you are building your communications systems from the ground up, or upgrading your current system, it makes sense to consider the possible cost savings granted by Beowulf’s transparent pay-per-use rates.”

Victoria, one of Beowulf’s most recent innovations, is a distant-learning platform that’s designed to deliver a higher level of engagement among learners. Achieved via a range of two-way collaboration and interactive conference tools, it offers learners and tutors a high degree of flexibility – and has already been implemented by Vietnam’s leading university.

“The potential use cases for this technology are endless,” notes Dr. Nguyen. “The prospect of playing a part in helping to fundamentally transform how businesses operate in industries such as education and healthcare is a huge motivator. The launch of Beowulf’s mainnet will be a major step towards realizing this goal.”

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