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Press Release -- October 28th, 2019
Source: Adva Optical Networking

ADVA sync solution enables major Chilean telco to roll out 5G-ready network

Oscilloquartz timing technology delivers precise phase synchronization at the network edge

28 October 2019

ADVA (FSE: ADV) today announced that its Oscilloquartz synchronization technology is enabling one of Chile’s largest communication service providers (CSPs) to roll out LTE Advanced (LTE-A) connectivity across the country and prepare for 5G. The OSA 5430 Series and OSA 5410 Series of PTP grandmaster clocks and GNSS receivers deliver stringent phase synchronization in the core and in the access network, enabling the company to address rapidly rising customer demand for premium services such as high-definition video streaming. The deployment strengthens ADVA’s position in the market with its timing technology now synchronizing more of Chile’s major CSP networks than any other supplier’s solutions. The network is being installed by ADVA’s long-term partner Sistemas de Instrumentación Ltda.
OSA 5430
“Being selected to transform the sync network of another of Chile’s key CSPs highlights the unique benefits of our grandmaster clocks and GNSS receiver portfolio. With high-quality oscillators guaranteeing unbeatable holdover and the continual assurance of in-service sync with our built-in probes, our technology offers the most complete and comprehensive solution for advanced timing in telecom networks. It will generate value for years to come,” said Gil Biran, general manager, Oscilloquartz. “Our mission is to provide exceptional service to all of our customers. With our technology and ongoing support, we’re empowering another major company to reshape Chile’s telecommunication landscape, reaching more people than ever while continuing to deliver unrivalled quality of service.”

Ideal for distributing ultra-precise, incredibly reliable phase and time-of-day information, ADVA’s Oscilloquartz devices are now providing the heartbeat for another of Chile’s leading CSP networks.

Danor Quinteros, CEO, Sistemas de Instrumentación Ltda
By deploying the small yet versatile OSA 5410 Series in the access networks, the CSP is providing advanced, time-sensitive mobile connectivity throughout Chile, including previously underserved regions. At once a mini-grandmaster, boundary clock, slave device and sync probe, ADVA’s multipurpose devices lead the industry in terms of adaptability and innovation. At its core, the company is utilizing the OSA 5430 Series, which offers full hardware redundancy, significantly reducing downtime. This high-capacity unit also provides unprecedented scale, supporting speeds of up to 10Gbit/s. Additionally, the OSA 5410 and 5430 both support assisted partial timing support (APTS) and feature Oscilloquartz’s best-in-class oven-controlled crystal oscillators, which offer exceptional holdover performance even in the most challenging conditions.
“We work closely with our partner ADVA to deliver world-class technology that ensures unbeatable quality and availability. Their Oscilloquartz grandmasters are the most advanced timing solutions on the market. Ideal for distributing ultra-precise, incredibly reliable phase and time-of-day information, these devices are now providing the heartbeat of another of Chile’s leading CSPs,” commented Danor Quinteros, CEO, Sistemas de Instrumentación Ltda. “One of the crucial elements of this deployment was bringing synchronization close to the end user where it’s most needed. The compact and feature-rich OSA 5410 devices in the access network and the high-capacity OSA 5430 in the core infrastructure will be key to delivering ever-faster speeds and latency-sensitive applications.”

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