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Press Release -- August 30th, 2019

Bandwidth’s New Phone Number Porting Experience

Bandwidth’s New Phone Number Porting Experience

We know that number porting can be difficult, which is why we’ve spent years making porting happy, giving our customers the best porting experience in the industry. In fact, 78% of our customers say that our porting experience is better than the competition.

But what if we made the best …even better?

Bandwidth is proud to announce the launch of our new phone number porting experience, with features that our customers have been requesting.

So let’s jump right in and talk about the changes.

We made bulk porting easier

In the past, you couldn’t mix and match losing carriers, which meant you had to port each carrier separately. That took a lot of time, and it certainly wasn’t efficient. With our new bulk porting options, you can port an unlimited amount of losing carriers at once—we take care of everything on the back end, removing the friction. Because duplicative work is silly.

And what would bulk porting be without the bulk? We’ve upped how many numbers you can port at one time from a single losing carrier. Instead of 999 numbers, now you can port 5,000 numbers per losing carrier! On top of that, you can check the portability of 20,000 phone numbers at one time.

A new, intuitive user interface

We’ve created a new, better user interface for porting phone numbers. We’ve taken your feedback to include features like:

The ability to drag and drop individual port orders out of a bulk order, eliminating the need to re-do the whole order to submit an outlier separately.
Choose when your port goes live, right down to the second, by selecting your Firm Order Commitment (FOC) date for all losing carriers.
Track and monitor the progress of your port order.
Port orders are automatically saved as drafts, meaning you won’t lose your order if you’re logged out or lose internet connection.
We’ve standardized and simplified language throughout the entire porting experience to improve clarity and decrease confusion.

Replacement Billing Telephone Numbers

About 6% of order rejections are related to billing telephone numbers (BTNs). Historically, if you needed to port your main telephone line, your port would be rejected and the losing carrier would reach out to our porting team, adding time and another layer of communications to the process. With our new porting experience you can proactively add replacement BTNs to each carrier’s order. With this new option we expect BTN-related order rejections to drop by 50%.

So when can I get my hands on the new dashboard?

September 5th! After early testing from some helpful customers, we’re ready to roll the new Bandwidth porting experience out to all of our customers. Log in to your dashboard on the 5th and check it out. Still have questions about porting? Reach out to one of our experts or check out our new number porting page for more information.

Talk to an Expert Visit our Phone Number Porting Page
George Perry
George Perry

George Perry is the Content Strategist on the Marketing team at Bandwidth. He’s taller than Captain America and almost as beardy.

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