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Press Release -- July 3rd, 2019
Source: Huawei

Huawei, China Mobile, GSMA, 5MII, 5GSA and Partners Release 5G Network Slicing Business Opportunities for Multimedia White Paper and 5G Multimedia Industry Promotion Initiative

Huawei, China Mobile, GSMA, 5MII, 5GSA and Partners Release 5G Network Slicing Business Opportunities for Multimedia White Paper and 5G Multimedia Industry Promotion Initiative

[Shanghai, China, July 3, 2019] Huawei, China Mobile Research Institute, Migu Co. Ltd., GSMA, 5MII, 5GSA and IHS Markit has jointly released the 5G Network Slicing Business Opportunities for Multimedia White Paper at the 5G Service Innovation and Network Slicing Summit & 2019 Annual Conference of Information Communication Network Technology Committee of China Communication Society. This white paper is the first in the industry to elaborate on how 5G network slicing enables business model transformation in the multimedia sector and facilitates deep collaborations among operators, cloud service providers, content owners, as well as application developers for creating greater benefits.

Dr. Weilan Huang, Senior Director of 5G Industry Development Strategy from Huawei Cloud Core Network, delivered the key messages of the white paper on behalf of the joint units. According to Dr. Huang, the multimedia market growth will reach 900 billion dollars by 2023, behind which the consumer entertainment will be the main driving force. 5G network slicing that provides higher bandwidth, lower latency, and dedicated QoS assurance plays a pivotal role in resolving key difficulties, such as collaboration, resolution, and video stuttering, which are existing in current multimedia industry. It will also provide new revenue growth opportunities for all participants in the multimedia industry value chain. These participants include hardware vendors, content creation companies, and operators. Dr. Huang also analyzed the typical multimedia application scenarios such as games and live broadcast, and interpreted the value chain transformation of “with support of 5G network slicing” as opposed to “without support of 5G network slicing”. As GSMA and IHS Markit forecast, 5G network slicing will create a revenue growth opportunity of 300 billion dollars for operators by 2025. The profitability of multimedia and related services is expected to account for one third of the total value.

Dr. Huang presenting the white paper on behalf of the joint units

To further implement the research outcomes of the white paper and promote the synergies between the multimedia and 5G industries, multiple units including Huawei, China Mobile, CAICT, GSMA, 5MII, and 5GSA etc., jointly launched the 5G Multimedia Industry Promotion Initiative at the summit. Dr. Huang, on behalf of the units, read out the initiative and put forward three major measures:

First, Promote business practices. The union will abide by the white paper to continuously promote the 5G network slicing applications, industry pilots, and business model implementation in the multimedia sector.

Second, Continuously innovate. Based on the joint innovation center of each unit, the union will verify multimedia technology and commercial feasibility, and quickly replicate successful applications.

Third, Collaborate with each other for a prosperous future. The union will launch a platform for communication among multimedia experts, promote the win-win cooperation between upstream and downstream partners in the multimedia ecosystem, so as to build a prosperous 5G multimedia industry.

Multiple units jointly release the 5G Multimedia Industry Promotion Initiative

Guests attending the initiative launch ceremony include Mr. Xuefeng Qiu, Vice President of Huawei Cloud Core Network, Ms. Zhiqiang Yang, Vice President of China Mobile Research Institute, Ms. Tiemei Kuang, Vice General Manager of Migu Co., Ltd., Mr. Feng Pan, Deputy Head of Radio Research Center at CAICT, Mr. Kelvin Qin, Global Head of 5G Projects, Future Network, GSMA, and Dr. Luigi Licciardi, President of 5GSA.

The future has arrived, and 5G is On. With large-scale 5G rollout around the corner, the release of the white paper and initiative links industry giants together, paving the way for developing the 5G multimedia industry. The hundred-billion-dollar industry is full of opportunities and calls on industry players to make joint endeavors.

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