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Press Release -- May 23rd, 2019
Source: Huawei

Huawei Wins Best All Rounder Award at the 21st Next Generation Optical Networking Event

Huawei Wins Best All Rounder Award at the 21st Next Generation Optical Networking Event

[Nice, France, May 23, 2019] At the 21st Next Generation Optical Networking (NGON) Event, Huawei’s Optical Networking 2.0 (ON2.0) solution won the Best All Rounder Award. It is another world-class award following Huawei’s 400G winning the Best Single-Channel Programmable 400G Product Award at the 20th NGON last year, and represents the global recognition of Huawei’s optical network products and technologies by the optical networking industry.

Simon Lu, President of Huawei Transmission Network Domain, receives the award

NGON is one of the most important business and technical forums in the global WDM/OTN field. The Best All Rounder Award winner is selected by representatives of leading operators, authoritative analysts, and industry media worldwide to honor the strongest technical innovation in the industry. The award winning ON2.0 solution was released at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February 2019. Its core competitiveness lies in its technological innovation in three directions: New speed, new sites, and new smart O&M.

New speed: Technological innovation and continuous bandwidth upgrades are promoted as per Moore’s Law. The Super 200G technology improves the single-wavelength transmission rate, and Super C Band technology taps the full potential of optical fiber spectrum, maximizing the value of optical fibers. Huawei Super 200G uses the latest Huawei proprietary OptiXtreme series oDSP chips and channel-matched shaping (CMS) algorithm to achieve a maximum transmission distance of 5000 km. In addition, Huawei provides the industry’s only pluggable solution that supports a distance of over 1000 km on the optical layer at 50 GHz, enabling a seamless upgrade from 40G/100G to 200G. Based on proprietary core technologies such as novel lasers and wide-spectrum amplifiers, Huawei’s Super C Band expands the fiber spectrum from the traditional 4 THz to 6 THz, improving fiber resource utilization by 50%.

New sites: By simplifying transmission sites and building end-to-end simplified all-optical networks, the required footprint in equipment rooms is significantly reduced. MS-OTN implements unified transmission of multiple services, simplifies CO sites, and achieves one-hop transmission of services. In addition, the all-optical cross-connect technology is introduced to construct a three-dimensional backbone network, achieving all-optical grooming and a zero internal fiber connection, simplifying O&M, reducing the required equipment room footprint by 80% and power consumption by 60%.

New smart O&M: By introducing AI modeling, machine learning, and cloud technologies, a digital twin can be created based on all-optical network parameters collected and analyzed in real time to transform O&M from passive to proactive, allowing the construction of the industry’s first Network Cloud Engine (NCE) that integrates management, control, and analytics to achieve intelligent and automatic management of services throughout their lifecycles.

Simon Lu, President of Huawei Transmission Network Domain, said: “The recognition of Huawei’s innovation in optical technologies by the entire industry is the result of Huawei’s long-term investment. Based on the ON 2.0 solution, Huawei will promote the evolution of optical networks in terms of new speed, new sites, and new smart O&M, helping operators to offer optical networks as a service and transform transmission networks from connectivity-centric to experience-centric, enabling operator business success and jointly building a fully connected, intelligent world.”

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