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Press Release -- April 25th, 2019
Source: Huawei

Huawei and Partners Unveil AI Financial Solutions

Huawei and Partners Unveil AI Financial Solutions

[Shanghai, China, April 25, 2019] At Huawei Global FSI Summit 2019, Huawei launched AI financial solutions to construct a super-brain for smart finance, with the aim to support comprehensive smart services and help financial institutions achieve digital transformation.

AI Financial Applications Are Booming but Facing Multiple Challenges

As a new general-purpose technology, AI has been widely used in the finance sector, promoting radical service and product innovation and the digital transformation of the entire sector.

The financial services industry has begun incorporating AI into services, but it faces many great challenges in doing so. AI is widely applied but compute power is insufficient. AI has been used in multiple services domains, such as marketing, risk control, and operations so a single AI technology cannot meet all of these requirements, and overall planning and deployment of an enterprise-class AI platform becomes crucial. Furthermore, traditional financial enterprises find it difficult to attract high-end AI professionals.

AI and Data Become Core Driving Forces of Smart Finance

The industry needs to build an enterprise-class AI platform that covers various service scenarios and AI algorithms, facilitating the implementation of smart finance. To address preceding challenges, Huawei has tailored solutions for the financial services industry, involving the computing power, development platform, and ecosystem.

1. Powerful computing platform Atlas

The Huawei Atlas AI computing platform is powered by Huawei's Ascend series AI processors, such as Ascend 910 and 310, as well as industry mainstream heterogeneous computing components. Atlas offers various product form factors, such as accelerator modules, cards, AI edge stations, appliances, and TaiShan servers powered by ARM-based processor Kunpeng 920, providing an all-scenario AI infrastructure solution for the device-edge-cloud. It applies to finance and other fields.

Atlas 500 AI edge station is an industry-leading edge product that integrates AI processing capabilities and supports 16-channel HD video processing in the size of a set-top box. It is suitable for unattended smart branches and other fields.

Based on Huawei's powerful AI computing server G2500, we provide an appliance solution of OCR and facial recognition, covering mobile registration, mobile integrated terminals, mobile payment, P2P verification, and other fields.

2. FusionInsight MindArts AI development platform

The FusionInsight MindArts AI development platform features fast development, fast training, and fast rollout. The platform uses a self-developed MindSpore learning framework, and integrates multiple open source frameworks to manage and run algorithms from various vendors (Tensorflow, Pytorch, Caffe, and MxNet). It supports batch and online reasoning, accelerating algorithm execution by 30% or more.

Huawei provides the MindArts tool platform for the market on the cloud. Our partners have used this platform to identify risks in loan applications via real-time graph computing, especially fraud schemes by groups. The applications also include smart payment collection based on voice-to-text conversion and conversational bots, and automatic insurance policy recognition via OCR.

3. HUAWEI CLOUD AI developer community to develop talent and foster an AI ecosystem

The community provides a secure and open environment where universities, enterprises, and developers can share and trade their AI models, APIs, data, and competition cases. It connects participants in the AI development ecosystem, and helps developers and partners to apply AI and design AI solutions. It will also help them monetize these solutions. In addition, HUAWEI CLOUD will set up special funds to encourage the sharing of AI models.

AI+DATA Solution Enables Smart Finance

Based on Huawei's powerful AI platform and computing resources, Huawei and its partners provide AI solutions for financial clients and enable smart finance.

AI voiceprint verification: Huawei teams up partners to develop a voiceprint verification system for the financial services industry, supporting Internet finance service innovation. The solution covers multiple fields, such as customer service, payment collection, and credit auditing.

AI image recognition: Huawei and its partners provide an appliance solution with OCR and facial recognition using machine vision and business automation application technologies. The solution is applicable to bill and certificate verification of banking, securities, insurance, mobile payment, and P2P fields. Its business scenarios involve identification of certificates, financial bills, and invoices.

Mr. Cao Chong, President, Huawei EBG Financial Services Business, commented: "Financial institutions need to consider AI capability development and smart financial services in a unified manner. Like people, these institutions need to use a brain to view, listen, speak, learn, and apply. Using the open AI platform with a unified architecture, we can develop strong compute power and build a super-brain to support smart financial services. Huawei, together with developers and partners, is dedicated to conducting customer-centric innovation and engaging in digital transformation of finance and other industries by leveraging its device, pipe, cloud, and open digital platform capabilities."

Mr. Cao Chong, President, Huawei EBG Financial Services Business

Adhering to the "Platform + AI + Ecosystem" strategy, Huawei Enterprise Business teams up with partners to provide ubiquitous connectivity and pervasive intelligence, and integrate new ICT through the digital platform to help government and enterprise customers achieve digital transformation. More than 700 cities around the world, and 211 of the Fortune Global 500 companies, including 48 of the top 100, have selected Huawei as their partner in digital transformation.

Huawei has continued to work with top financial institutions, research institutes, and independent software developers worldwide to accelerate the transformation of financial institutions. Huawei has served more than 1000 financial institutions, including 20 of the world's top 50 banks.

Huawei Global FSI Summit, hosted by Huawei, is a global ICT event that focuses on the financial services industry. The first summit was held in 2013, and all participants of this summit are elite members of the industry. For more information about Huawei Global FSI Summit 2019, please visit:

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