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Press Release -- April 15th, 2019
Source: Huawei

GlobalData Ranks Huawei NCE an Industry Leader in WAN SDN Controllers

Shenzhen, China, April 15, 2019] Huawei’s Network Cloud Engine (NCE) eclipsed a field of 10 mainstream WAN SDN controllers and was ranked the only leader in WAN SDN controllers by GlobalData, in its March 2019 report titled “WAN SDN Controller: Competitive Landscape Assessment.”

GlobalData is a world-leading provider of data insight solutions, with 600+ expert analysts and consultants globally serving 4,000 of the world’s largest organizations, covering more than 160 countries and tracking more than 500,000 companies.

In the report, GlobalData defines six buying criteria (namely, product scope, open environment, product performance, major system components, solution breadth, and deployment readiness), with ratings for each defined as leader, very strong, strong, competitive, and vulnerable. Using these criteria and ratings, GlobalData evaluates and analyzes WAN SDN controllers that function as network management and control platforms and provides comprehensive evaluation results. In the product performance, solution breadth, and deployment readiness categories, Huawei NCE achieved the highest rating of leader. And with its very strong performance in the other three categories, Huawei is ranked as the only leader provider in WAN SDN controllers.

NCE is the industry’s first network automation platform that integrates management, control, analysis, and AI functions for operators and enterprise digital transformation. In the southbound direction, NCE implements centralized management, control, and analysis of entire networks, and enables resource cloudification, full lifecycle automation, and intelligent closed-loop management driven by analysis of business and service-intents data. In the northbound direction, NCE provides open network APIs and IT integration to support B2C and B2B e-commerce services and multi-tenant management. With Huawei’s NCE, operators and enterprises can build automated and intelligent networks centered on user experience.

Some of the key advantages offered by Huawei NCE, as mentioned in the GlobalData report, are as follows: supports integrated network management, control, and analysis to achieve comprehensive automation; applies to all-around application scenarios, such as transport, WAN, DC, and IoT; provides open APIs to connect to third-party applications and devices; and supports various security options along with strong high-availability capabilities.

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