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Press Release -- February 28th, 2019
Source: volta-networks

Volta Networks Unveils Industry’s First Cloud-Native Routing Platform that Reduces Total Cost of Ownership 90% Compared to Legacy Routers

Routing industry veterans deliver virtual routing with unprecedented scale, full carrier automation and interoperability with routers from Cisco, Juniper, Arista and other vendors

BOSTON − February 28, 2019 – Volta Networks today announced the Volta Elastic Virtual Routing Engine (VEVRE), a virtual routing platform that reduces total cost of ownership by 90% compared to legacy routers, delivers unprecedented scale with up to 255 virtual routers per switch as well as support for industry standard routing protocols and carrier automation. Based on patent-pending technology, Volta’s VEVRE is generally available and already in lab tests and trials with network operators worldwide. Volta is headquartered in Boston with an additional engineering office in Barcelona.

Network operators face the daunting task of building and operating networks that continually need to scale to support the explosion in bandwidth consumption from hyper-connected consumers and businesses. Industry estimates expect global IP traffic to reach 4.8 zettabytes by 2022 – more than doubling in less than five years – and legacy router vendors only answer to keep pace is for customers to buy bigger routers. These are expensive, proprietary platforms that lock network operators into a specific vendor and do not improve the network economics as revenues flatten, resulting in a precipitous drop in revenue per megabyte.

“With one of the largest networks in the world, we continually evaluate new technologies that can enhance the performance and economics of our network to better serve our customers,” said Dorian Kim, VP of IP Engineering at NTT Communications Global IP Network. “In our tests, Volta’s virtual routing technology was completely interoperable with our existing routers while delivering potentially significant cost reductions.”

Cloud-Native Virtual Routing at Massive Scale

Designed on the virtualization and cloud-scale principles that helped disrupt the compute and storage markets, Volta’s VEVRE separates the control and data planes and leverages the benefits of the cloud and white box switches built on Ethernet switching silicon to achieve its order or magnitude cost savings. Key components include:

  • Volta Elastic Virtual Routing Engine (VEVRE) – the control plane runs on any public, private or hybrid cloud so customers can optimize for the lowest cost. Cloud-native using container technology, it is designed for elastic scale, flexibility and resiliency.
  • Virtual Route Processors (VRPs) – the equivalent of a routing engine, VRPs are hosted on the VEVRE, are unique to a specific customer, application or service, and assigned to a set of physical or logical ports on white box switches.
  • vAgent – Volta’s software agent on each white box switch that communicates through standard APIs to the associated VRP. The lightweight and efficient software minimizes processing overhead on the switch while Volta’s route compression optimizes its performance.

To maximize network scale and design flexibility for network operators, Volta’s VEVRE supports up to 255 virtual routers per device.

“Compared to the compute and storage markets, the networking industry is at least ten years behind in taking advantage of the benefits of virtualization and cloud scale – leaving network operators with little choice but to keep buying bigger, more expensive routers that are bloated with features they will never use. Volta was founded on the idea that it was time to entirely rethink routing,” said Dean Bogdanovic, Co-Founder and CEO, Volta Networks. “With complete interoperability with any existing router in their networks, our VEVRE platform empowers network operators to begin scaling their network cost-effectively with virtual routing leveraging powerful white box switches and a cloud-based control plane.”

Carrier automation

Volta’s VEVRE is designed to support network operator and carrier automation, including NETCONF and YANG. Volta’s YANG model service library powered by an API approach complies with all the key standards for management, administration and network orchestration (MANO). The API provides a single point of connection for optimizing automation as compared to appliance-based routing solutions that still require network operators to manage every single box.

About Volta Networks

Volta Networks is the only company rethinking routing from the cloud out featuring up to 90% reduction in total cost of ownership compared to legacy routers along with unprecedented virtual routing scalability and full carrier automation. More information is available at


Volta Networks
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