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Press Release -- December 10th, 2018
Source: centriam

Centriam Releases Telecom AI

First of its kind solution to turn comments into insights for telecom CX programs

Minneapolis, MN, December 10, 2018 — Centriam, the maker of next generation CX software, announces the release of Centriam Telecom AI, a machine learning bot trained to read and categorize customer satisfaction and feedback comments in the telecommunications industry.

Centriam Telecom AI is the first commercially available bot built specifically for internet, mobile, home phone, and television service providers. Until now, other available offerings were simply able to count words, and none have been designed with telecommunications in mind.

“One of the problems with unstructured text is that it can be very difficult to identify patterns or trends in the data. Are my customers complaining about service? Excited about a new channel lineup?” explains Ian Sherman, a data scientist at Centriam. “Centriam’s Telecom AI bot aims to make it easier to extract and quantify meaning and insights from verbatim comments.”

Centriam’s Telecom AI bot reads customer satisfaction survey comments and automatically categorizes each comment for data aggregation and ongoing trending.

“Centriam’s platform enables us to connect data across our systems to create a true, single view of the customer’s experience. This unification fuels a coordinated CX program across our retail stores, call centers, and marketing teams. This approach has led to a dramatic NPS increase over the last two years.” Says Alvin Stokes, SVP, Customer Experience at C&W Communications.

Centriam Telecom AI is currently being used by telecommunications providers for three particular use cases:

  1. Periodic, relationship-based customer satisfaction and NPS® surveys (including transactional NPS)

  2. Satisfaction and NPS surveys related to recent in-home repairs

  3. Satisfaction and NPS surveys related to recent in-home installations

To learn more, read the extended product announcement or contact Centriam to request a demo.

About Centriam

Centriam was founded to help companies get more value out of data to become more customer centric. We strongly believe that organizations who put effort into understanding customer behavior and act on those insights will have an incredible competitive advantage. So our goal has always been to develop tools and solutions that drive a customer-centric culture and enable companies to build deeper customer relationships to improve customer experience.

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