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Press Release -- September 19th, 2018
Source: Huawei

WIoT 2018 Award for First LTE-V2X Commercial Solution Launched by Huawei and industry partners

[Wuxi, China, Sept. 19, 2018] During the World Internet of Things Exposition (WIoT), Huawei together with project partners launched the city-wide LTE-V2X network by commercial solutions and won the special award from WIoT.

Huawei together with its industry partners won the special award from WIoT

The Wuxi LTE-V2X project was successfully carried out in the main urban areas of the city (including 240 intersections), covering a total of 170 square kilometers. Huawei together with its partners installed many roadside units (RSUs) on the open roads, marking the release of the world’s first deployment of LTE-V2X commercial solution. A single RSU is connected to various road traffic facilities, such as traffic lights, cameras, road signs, speed limit reminders, and factory-/customer-installed terminals. It works with Huawei T-Box to realize PC5-based vehicle-infrastructure coordination. During the World Internet of Things (WIoT) Expo, more than 30 application scenarios were successfully demonstrated. Over 1,000 government officials (from Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Public Security, and Jiangsu provincial authorities), industry experts, practitioners, and media participated in field experience. The LTE-V2X application has been highly regarded for its large-scale deployment and user experience. Currently, the Wuxi LTE-V2X project has developed 12,000 Internet of Vehicles (IoV) users and is expected to support 100,000 users by the end of 2018. This deployment represents a new phase for LTE-V2X: the first commercial application in a city.

Xiong Wei, President of Huawei LTE Product Line and C-V2X Solution, commented that Huawei has already connected 5 billion people and 100 million cars. The next priority is to include the road infrastructure into the massive network. For our future generations, safety and efficiency while traveling will be of paramount importance, relying on the coordinated development of connected vehicles and smart infrastructure. Huawei has deployed a city-level LTE-V2X network in Wuxi, with RSUs and T-Box components based on Huawei self-developed chips. This is the inaugural deployment of an end-to-end (E2E) commercial solution, with the LTE-V2X application implemented in multiple different scenarios. The success of the Wuxi project will lay a solid foundation for the future of intelligent transportation.

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