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Press Release -- September 5th, 2018
Source: DE-CIX

Take part in our raffle: Guess which are the four main ASN origin countries in Frankfurt

To give networks some more information about the connected networks at our locations, we added graphics showing the AS origin and network type of the connected networks on our location pages.

For Frankfurt, we had to switch to a graph showing regions instead of countries, as networks from more than 78 different AS origin countries are connected. The graphics for Frankfurt are not online yet; we wanted to let you guess a little first:

Can you guess from which four countries (ASN origin) more than 50% of the connected networks in Frankfurt come?

How to take part and what to win

Everyone* who sends us the correct answer (the four countries and their correct order from 1st (most networks) to 4th) will be entered into a raffle and we will draw a winner. The winner will get a little DE-CIX drone!

Please send an email with your answers to by 20 November 2018 at the latest. You can mail it to our office in Frankfurt (reference: DE-CIX raffle) or via a direct message on the social media channels; the same deadline applies.

In the November edition of the DE-CIX newsletter, we will report on the winner and the correct result. You can subscribe to the DE-CIX newsletter here (subscribing is not necessary to take part in the raffle).

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