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Press Release -- September 26th, 2018
Source: Huawei

Huawei’s Cloud-based Core Network Solutions Win Multiple Awards at PTEXPO

[Beijing, China, September 26, 2018] Huawei’s cloud-based core network solutions won multiple awards at the PT Expo China (PTEXPO). These awards highlight the cloud-based core network solutions and their innovative technology architecture, leading commercial progress, and outstanding contributions to the industry.

“Best NFV Industrial Solution of the Year” Awarded to the Huawei CloudMSE Solution

Huawei CloudMSE Solution is a cloud-based and industry-leading Gi-LAN solution. It adopts Cloud Native architecture to enable operators to build operations capabilities for a future-oriented all-cloud network. Cloud Native introduces networks to stateless design, service based architecture (SBA), N-way redundancy, cross-DC deployment, and other cutting-edge technologies. Networks based on Cloud Native feature elastic architecture and are highly efficient, allowing agile services to be provided. CloudMSE utilizes the industry-leading, artificial intelligence service awareness (AISA) to provide traffic monetization, network insight, and policy charging solutions. In addition, the CloudMSE intelligent service chain orchestrates value-added service capabilities and basic network capabilities, helping operators provide a one-stop Gi-LAN solution and build differentiated and efficient networks that can monetize traffic experience.

“Outstanding NFV Innovation of the Year” Awarded to the Huawei CloudEPC Solution

Huawei CloudEPC intelligent O&M solution, it provides an industry-leading workflow closed-loop management system, which uses an advanced workflow engine and automatic assembly to set up a tool chain used throughout the design, deployment, testing, and A/B test. For example, the A/B test automates the entire upgrade process and uses fewer resources to smoothly migrate all subscribers to the new version, without affecting services on the live network. After the A/B test is used, resources consumed during upgrades are reduced by 70%, and O&M costs for upgrades are reduced by more than 60%. Service rollout is shortened from months to weeks, improving operations efficiency. In March this year, Huawei worked with Vodafone to demonstrate the first industry CloudEPC A/B test. In June, Huawei successfully commercialized the A/B test at a Movistar site in Mexico.

“Outstanding MEC Business Case of the Year” Awarded to the Zhejiang Mobile’s Application Case of the Huawei CloudEdge CUPS Solution

Huawei CloudEdge CUPS solution, it has successfully implemented some 5G technologies on 4G networks. The gateways on the user plane and control plane are separated so that control plane gateways are centrally configured and distributed user plane gateways are flexibly deployed. The service integration platform can be co-deployed with user plane gateways on the edge network. This deploys contents and services close to subscribers and enhances the edge network. After the CUPS solution was used in Zhejiang Mobile’s existing 4G radio network, control plane gateways were deployed in the central equipment room in Zhejiang province. Furthermore, user plane gateways and a service mobile content distribution network (MCDN) were deployed in the Wenzhou city network. The CUPS solution works together with the video optimization, offloading control, and unified O&M solutions to effectively reduce initial video delay and buffering. This improves user experience and O&M efficiency, and also saves transmission resources in the backbone network.

“Outstanding MEC Industrial Contribution of the Year” Awarded to the Huawei Core Network MEC Solution

Huawei core network MEC solution, it takes the lead in commercial deployments, 5G service exploration, and ecosystem construction, and actively promotes MEC industry development and ecosystem construction. Huawei offers its MEC solution to multiple operators and has commercially deployed at over 10 sites, including Ningbo Telecom, Zhejiang Mobile, UAE Telecom, Vodafone Portugal, and AIS Thailand. Huawei, together with Tencent and China Mobile, showcased AR gaming at the 2018 Mobile World Congress (MWC) and released the industry’s first “5G Edge-Cloud Smart Port Solution” with China Unicom. Additionally, Huawei successfully tested VR live broadcasts, AR maintenance, and remote driving at trail sites. Huawei has hosted three round-table conferences on MEC ecosystem construction since the MWC in 2017. It has worked with China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom to successfully host China’s first MEC open platform Hackathon to enable partners to develop MEC related apps and further promote the MEC industry ecosystem.

“Outstanding NFV Practice of the Year” Awarded to the Huawei CloudIMS Continuous Deployment and Test Solution

Huawei CloudIMS Continuous Deployment and Test Solution, it uses an engine to automatically deploy cloud-based VNFs and scheduled testing tools. It automates the entire service process throughout planning, deployment, configuration, interconnection, testing, and service rollout. It also visualizes task management and process monitoring, and integrates test execution, achieving one-click automatic deployment. The delay from a version release to its service rollout is significantly shortened with near-zero wait time.

“Industrial Innovative Application Award” Awarded to the Huawei CloudIMS Batch Upgrade Solution

Huawei CloudIMS batch upgrade solution, it enables operators to upgrade services faster, in less time, using fewer resources than an entire system reset. This has advantages over redundancy switchover, and live migration. It automatically identifies deployed cloud-based IMS VMs, generates a batch upgrade plan, and automatically upgrades the CloudIMS. This helps operators improve cloud-based network upgrade efficiency, reduces redundant resources, and minimizes upgrade risks. Verification results on commercial networks show that upgrade efficiency has improved by 50%.

The all-cloud architecture is one of the key characteristic of 5G networks. Huawei’s cloud-based core network solution has focused on R&D in fields such as intelligent O&M; agile operations; control and user plane separation (CUPS); and edge computing. It marks industry-leading achievements in technologies, architecture, commercial use, and ecosystem construction. It also lays a solid foundation for network cloudification and evolution towards 5G networks. Huawei will continue to innovate in the cloud core network field to promote the healthy development of the industry.

The PTEXPO is hosted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China. It is the largest and most influential annual ICT event in Asia. The awards are selected by operators’ business and technical experts across the globe and experts from the research institutes of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

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