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Press Release -- September 13th, 2018
Source: Huawei

Huawei WTTx Wins 2018 ITU Global Corporate Award: Sustainable Development

[Durban, South Africa, September 13, 2018] At the ITU Telecom World 2018 held on September 10, Huawei’s wireless to the x (WTTx) solution won the Global Corporate Award: Sustainable Development for the outstanding contributions in accelerating the global penetration of broadband connections and improving household and enterprise broadband connections. This authoritative award aims to commend innovative technical solutions that improve global ICT indexes and speed up the development of broadband connections.

Huawei WTTx wins 2018 ITU Global Corporate Award: Sustainable Development.

According to The State of Broadband 2017 released by the ITU, more than 53% of people around the world are connected to the internet. However, due to limited investment in ICT infrastructure and payment capability, 66.3% of households remain unconnected. The home broadband penetration rate is only 42.9% in developing countries and 14.7% in underdeveloped countries. Improving home broadband penetration has become one of the top priorities for ICT transformation in all countries. Innovative business models and rapid technological evolution are required to reduce the home broadband access cost and improve the population coverage rate.

WTTx is a Huawei fixed wireless broadband access solution that supports continuous evolution. Based on existing mobile networks, WTTx uses Huawei’s device-pipe synergy solution, service management and O&M tools, and innovative QoS differentiation technology. These technologies help to provide stable, high-speed broadband access in various scenarios, such as households, small- and medium-sized enterprise VPN access, and wireless verticals. Fixed broadband access on the mobile network with the largest population coverage will slash the costs of broadband deployment and user acquisition, increase revenue, and develop a win-win industry environment for governments, operators, and end users.

The latest report published by Ovum, a market-leading data, research and consulting business, shows that WTTx has been deployed on over 200 networks in more than 120 countries to connect more than 50 million household users. WTTx is reshaping broadband connections, changing local communities, and economies. WTTx also helps to provide better healthcare and education, create jobs, increase revenue, and is an important factor in building a smart city. WTTx aims to connect the unconnected and create a new and improved digital lifestyle for each household.

General Manager of Huawei WTTx Domain, Qingwen Wang said: “It is a great honor for Huawei’s WTTx solution to be so highly recognized by the ITU. WTTx can quickly provide basic broadband connections, upgrade the rate of existing fixed broadband connections, and continue to increase data rates. Huawei hopes to strengthen WTTx industry cooperation with all its partners to bridge the digital divide and allow more household and individual users to enjoy an optimal WTTx wireless broadband experience.”

ITU Telecom Word is an annual telecom event attended by government telecom regulators, telecom operators, information providers, and small- and medium-sized telecom enterprises around the world. This global event aims to accelerate ICT innovations for economic growth, social equity, and social benefits. The Global Corporate Award: Sustainable Development aims to applaud innovative solutions dedicated to enhancing the national broadband penetration rate, bridging the digital divide, and improving internet access. These solutions use ICT technologies to protect the environment, ensure social equity, and allow more people to access the internet.

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