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Press Release -- September 12th, 2018
Source: Huawei

Huawei and Industry Partners Announce Global 4K UHD Video Industry Cooperation Initiative

Geneva, Switzerland, September 11, 2018] Huawei joined hands with leading parties in the UHD industry to form a new collaboration initiative.

China UHD Video Industry Alliance, UHD Forum, ITU, Wi-Fi Alliance, GSMA, Content Suppliers of Hollywood and some leading TV and device manufacturers, agreed to work together in a global 4K UHD video industry cooperation initiative during the UHD video roundtable at the fifth Ultra-Broadband Forum (UBBF).

This is the first time that the value chain of content providers, device manufacturers, industry organizations and network operators have teamed up to streamline the value chain and grow the ecosystem with the aim of maximizing consumer value, marking a milestone for the global UHD video industry.

As stated in the initiative:
We recognize that deployment of best experience 4K UHD service is a major driving force for operators’ business development and competitiveness.
We aim to jointly develop sustainable business models through facilitating cooperation across content providers, device manufacturers and telecom operators.
We aim to establish a global 4K UHD video ecosystem and shape a healthy 4K UHD industry.

Will Zhang, President of Corporate Strategy of Huawei, said:“The content, network, and terminal industries have reached a consensus on the technologies and standards of 4K UHD. However, the deployment of UHD video services is just beginning in the industry and faces many other challenges, such as network readiness, insufficient content and unclear business models. Thanks to the UHD video roundtable, we have witnessed the latest progress in various fields of the UHD industry and discussed the key elements for the success of the UHD industry. One thing in particular is the Early Window movie content in Korea. Discovering the value of Early Window brings significant revenue growth to content providers and operators in Korea. It’s a great inspiration to everyone. After this roundtable, all players of the industry chain will further strengthen their collaboration. Studios are all investing in large-scale ultra-HD content production, and TV manufacturers are producing UHD TV sets. Today, with additional cooperation, we are more confident in the rapid development of the UHD industry for consumers.”

This initiative establishes partnerships between all players of the industry chain and allows them to share experience and best practices with each other, improving user experience through collaboration between content production and aggregation companies, terminal vendors, and network operators. The partnership also allows exploration of innovative new 4K UHD business models. The initiative calls for global industry collaboration to create a mutually beneficial ecosystem for all members. As a leading global ICT provider, Huawei strives to ensure the best experience for 4K UHD videos.

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