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Press Release -- September 4th, 2018
Source: tdcg

The Datacenter Group biggest Dutch datacenter provider through acquisition from Rabobank investment fund

Amsterdam, September 3, 2018 –The Datacenter Group (TDCG) acquired two datacenters from the Rabo Bouwfonds Communication Infrastructure Fund. As a result of this takeover, TDCG has become the largest 100% Dutch datacenter provider and answers the growing need for securely storing data on Dutch soil. The acquisition was financed with cash and debt only.

Largest Dutch player
With this takeover TDCG owns over 20.000 m2 of server space and a 30 MegaWatt datacenter capacity in Amsterdam, Delft, Utrecht, and Rotterdam. “It’s quite remarkable that we’ve been able to grow to our current size surrounded by a plethora of international giants, and that we’re still able to finance this expansion with our own funds,” says Siemon van den Berg, founder and CEO of TDCG. The goal is to grow a national network of datacenters in all regions of the Netherlands. In addition to founder and CEO of TDCG, Van den Berg is also one of two shareholders. The other shares are in hands of Ali Niknam, founder and CEO of internet bank bunq.

Securely storing data on Dutch soil
Ever since the introduction of the GDPR, a growing need prevails among organizations that process privacy sensitive data to ensure their data can be stored under Dutch law. Van den Berg illustrates: “For many of our clients, such as Erasmus MC, the municipality of Delft, and pension insurer Brand New Day, it’s important to have their data physically close by. Thanks to this acquisition we can accommodate clients in the greater Amsterdam region with a datacenter in their own backyard.”

Foundation of the cloud
TDCG is one of the ‘foundations’ of the cloud because many large cloud providers use its datacenters and connectivity. The company also provides services directly to organizations that wish to have a combination of their own equipment and a public or private cloud solution, such as hospitals, schools, governmental bodies, ministries, and businesses. Van den Berg: “We provide independent and neutral advice about the best route to the cloud. This is one of the reasons our clients like to use us as sparring partner.”

Note to editors

For more information or an interview please contact:

Lisa da Licho
Marketing Manager
The Datacenter Group
+31 (0)20-4869773 /

The Datacenter Group

The Datacenter Group is an carrier- and cloud neutral TIER III twin-datacenter located Amsterdam, Delft, Rotterdam en Utrecht. Between datacenters you’ll find a redundant glass fiber connection. Since its origin, both datacenters have realized an uptime of 100%. The datacenters are innovative and make use of sustainable solutions as wind energy and adiabatic cooling systems. In addition, TDCG is affiliated with the Dutch Datacenter Association. Achieved certifications include: ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 14001, and since 2016, PCI DDS. We serve customers from different sectors such as healthcare, IT, financial and (non) governmental. Both national and international. We are an AMS-IX certified datacenter.

The Rabobank investment fund RBCIF was founded in 2008 and invested in the Dutch communication infrastructure. This transaction with The Datacenter Group marks the final sale of the investments from its 10-year fund. RBCIF is an investment fund for institutional investors with long-term investments in telecommunication infrastructures, including transmission towers, cable and optic-fiber infrastructures, and datacenters. Bouwfonds Fund Management ltd. manages the Rabo Bouwfonds Communication Infrastructure Fund. Bouwfonds Investment Management is part of the Rabobank Group, a cooperative bank belonging to the op 30 largest financial organizations in the world.

How much is 20.000 m2?
With this acquisition TDCG doubles its capacity to 20.000 m2. This is equivalent to four soccer fields filled with servers. The amount of power needed is equivalent to the energy usage of over 50.000 households.

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