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Press Release -- September 12th, 2018
Source: DE-CIX

Core-Backbone: 6×100 GE, and no end in sight

We are happy to announce that Core-Backbone, a long-standing DE-CIX partner and reseller, has upgraded to 6×100 GE at DE-CIX Frankfurt. When our reseller partner program started back in 2011, and the first resellers came on board with 10 GE, we for sure were convinced that DE-CIX would grow together with its partners. But we had not yet thought in categories like 6×100 GE. Core-Backbone joined DE-CIX in 2014, and in the last years, were regularly one of our top 3 resellers.

With the current upgrade, Core-Backbone has by far the largest connected capacity of all our resellers. The other resellers with multiple 100GE capacity are IX Reach, Megafone, and RETN with 2x100G each.

New: Reselling for DE-CIX Madrid

In addition to Frankfurt, Core-Backbone is a reseller for DE-CIX’s Internet Exchanges in Hamburg, Munich, Dusseldorf, New York, and, since this summer, also in Madrid.

“We are happy to announce our upgrade at DE-CIX Frankfurt to 6 x 100 GE and the expansion of our network to Madrid,” states Ulrich Köhler, Head of Development and Network at Core-Backbone. “We are glad about successfully continuing our collaboration with the DE-CIX team. Within the next weeks, we will also put new routes in Europe – based on our own DWDM – into operation.”

We would like to say a warm welcome to Core-Backbone in Madrid, and we look forward to seeing the first customers of Core-Backbone peer there.

Core-Backbone is an established and successful carrier headquartered in Germany. They have been constantly growing for more than fifteen years now, and they operate a network spanning the globe over three continents.

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