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Press Release -- August 30th, 2018
Source: Verizon

Verizon is building the future for our customers in North Carolina, investing more than $1 billion since 2015

Verizon is building the future for our customers in North Carolina, investing more than $1 billion since 2015
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Ongoing investment in its industry-leading networks for an unmatched customer experience

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RALEIGH, N.C. – We know our customers across the country rely on us to keep them connected—when and where they need it most. To ensure our customers have the network experience they deserve, Verizon invests billions of dollars each year in our networks. Since 2015, in North Carolina alone, Verizon has invested more than $1 billion to meet and exceed our customers’ growing needs and also build for the future.

Always Innovating
Your life moves fast and so do we. To ensure we continue delivering the value and performance you deserve, we’re investing heavily in our networks and deploying the most innovative technology available in the industry today. These innovations include:

Carrier aggregation which combines multiple bands of spectrum, maximizing speed and efficiencies.
4×4 MIMO antenna technology which allows your device to use multiple antennae to boost data speeds.
Enhanced software like 256 QAM, which allows your phone to exchange larger amounts of information for significantly faster data speeds.
The combination of these three powerful technologies—4×4 MIMO, 256 QAM and carrier aggregation drive our LTE Advanced network, significantly impacting available capacity and data speeds for our customers in 1,100 U.S. cities today.
AWS-3 as well as other spectrum, made available through the decommissioning of CDMA technology, to add 4G LTE capacity for our customers.
Small cell deployment in cities across the country to support growing demand today and to lay the groundwork for our upcoming 5G network.
What does this mean for you?
“Consumers, businesses, first responders and local governments all want ever-improving wireless service—and we can deliver,” said Russ Preite, President of the South East Market at Verizon Wireless. “Our consistent investment in the latest tech, year-round planning and industry-leading team of dedicated and passionate engineers ensure the best reliability, 4G LTE coverage, speed and streaming experience. And, it’s why we continue to have an overwhelming lead over the competition across the vast majority of third party tests.”

No matter how you test it, Verizon is the industry leader in network performance
In North Carolina and nationwide, we are consistently recognized for providing a superior network experience by a wide range of independent third parties. According to RootMetrics by IHS Markit’s’ new National RootScore® Report* released in late July, Verizon’s wireless network was ranked #1 nationally for the 10th consecutive time. And, that’s not all. Other third parties have shared their results in recent months. These include:

Verizon ranked highest wireless network quality performance in all six regions and, for the 21st time in a row, received more awards than any other wireless provider according to the latest J.D. Power Wireless Network Quality Performance Study,**
Best in video streaming, based on analysis of data collected nationally by Nielsen***
Verizon customers are much more likely to have a better LTE experience than customers of any other network, according to the P3 US State Connectivity Report****
Verizon’s network download speeds were 20% faster in North Carolina than the other three national providers’ according to Tutela’s real-world download speed tests taken in July 2018*****
Building the future
2018 is an exciting year for network innovations by Verizon including our launch of the first 5G wireless residential broadband internet service in four cities, Sacramento, LA, Houston and Indianapolis. By continuing to invest in our networks and delivering several technology firsts, Verizon is leading the way in transforming how we live, learn, work and play right here in North Carolina and across the country. To learn more about some of those improvements and about the work our engineers are doing, check out these videos on why we’re Best For a Good Reason.

* Rankings based on the RootMetrics by IHS Markit US National and, State 1H 2018. Tested with best commercially available smartphones on 4 national mobile networks across all available network types. Your experiences may vary. The RootMetrics award is not an endorsement of Verizon. Visit for more details.
** Verizon Wireless received the highest numerical score among wireless service providers in the J.D. Power 2017 (V1 & V2) & 2018 (V1 & V2) U.S. Wireless Network Quality Performance Studies rating it Highest Wireless Network Quality Performance across the Nation. 2018 V2 study is based on 36,320 total responses, measuring the network quality experienced by customers with wireless phones, surveyed January – June 2018. Your experiences may vary. Visit
*** Based on Nielsen Video Network Scores using data collected nationally between 1.1.18 and 6.30.18
**** The data used by P3 was collected during the period of three months, from April to June, 2018 and comprises of 39,359,819,776 samples from 2,313,376 users.
***** Verizon customers received the best overall download speeds across the U.S., according to the study of United States’ mobile performance in July 2018 by Tutela, a widely installed network testing software that collects more than 2 billion network quality measurements every day in the USA.

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