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Press Release -- August 28th, 2018
Source: DE-CIX

When the traffic falls to zero – and it is a big success

Keeping the platform working round the clock so that networks can exchange traffic is the core functionality of Internet Exchanges. And if something goes wrong and the traffic falls to zero, this usually is bad news. But not this time. Traffic went to zero, but it was a big success.

The DE-CIX Frankfurt 12 project: Careful planning, and a lot of work

One year ago, after a year of planning, Equinix handed over the new empty colocation space in their building in Frankfurt. Since then, a DE-CIX project team ranging from two to eight people has worked very hard to install hardware, plan migration windows, and coordinate data center partners and vendors. In order to move such a large customer base, we had to build software for automated processes to support the massive migration and daily business. Databases were cleaned, and the DE-CIX infrastructure and processes were pushed to a higher automation level.

In the night from Tuesday 14 August to Wednesday 15 August, the DE-CIX Frankfurt 12 project team finally migrated the last customers from the old enabled site DE-CIX FRA 7 (Level 3) to DE-CIX FRA 12 (Equinix). Finally, the traffic on edge01.dx7 fell to zero. This was a significant milestone of the project.

Saying goodbye and thank you

Two weeks later, the existing hardware in DE-CIX FRA 7 was decommissioned:  all cables, racks, and equipment were pulled out and transported to their target locations. And after sweeping the floor of our old core location, we had to say goodbye.

We want to say thank you to the whole project team for the extra miles they went for our customers, for all their sleepless night shifts, for the perfect smoothness of their work so that customers did not experience any trouble, and for their commitment to fulfilling our promise to make it as easy as possible for our customers.

A big thank you goes to the core team of Kay Schroeder, Uwe Gallschneider, Niko Brodermann, Dennis Karpienski, Ingo Voss, and Christopher Marquardt, as well as the assisting team of Annette Wilderotter, Robert Finze, Alexander Olejnicki, and Yorck Przybilla.

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