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Press Release -- August 14th, 2018
Source: servato

Servato Introduces First Unified Rectifier and Battery Management Solution at ISE EXPO

Smart Power System Rectifier Offers Remote Battery Management in GE’s Latest Rectifiers

NEW ORLEANS and DENVER – August 14, 2018 – Servato Corp., a leading provider of energy management solutions, announced here today at ISE EXPO the latest solution in its Smart Power System solutions suite that offers the latest in remote battery management.  The SPS-Rtm is the first of its kind unified rectifier power and battery manage solution. It integrates the functionality of Servato’s industry leading SPS-248 battery management system with GE’s Rectifier Modules.

Servato is taking remote power management to the next level to offer the combined value of battery management systems with a highly power efficient  rectifier solution from GE.  The SPS-R is the most economical way for fixed and wireless carriers to buy the rectifier they need with remote battery management as added value. Servato believes this solution will allow customers to more easily and economically upgrade backup power management infrastructure that is continuing to decay as it is neglected and not improved.

“We believe this is the next evolution in smart rectifiers,” said Chris Mangum, CEO of Servato.  “Our battery management solutions have always been IoT-enabled, giving carriers the ability to monitor and maintain systems remotely to save on costly manual intervention.  Now, we are doing it for both back-up power, battery management, and rectifier solutions. This is the future now and demonstrates how two important components of a carriers’ power infrastructure have been combined to offer unprecedented value.”

According to Mangum, the feedback from early customer testing is that this next generation smart rectifier will quicken adoption of power management and maintenance because it is built into the rectifier that is necessary for system power. It becomes an easy decision for operators as they replace rectifiers.

“Companies trialing the SPS-R are telling us that this makes the decision to upgrade to remote power management easier because it is built into the rectifier shelf which they have to replace every 5-7 years” he said. “We feel this will accelerate adoption and greater acceptance in the market.”

There are three elements to the SPS-R solution:

  • SPS-248 functionality – Introduced in late 2017 as an upgrade to Servato’s SPS-148, the SPS-248 provides battery management, testing, and data. It eliminates the need for time-consuming and inaccurate manual testing and provides real-time data from sites, including temperature data and other environmental risk factors.  It goes beyond simple tests – automatically conduct load tests and gather more accurate off-charge data.  With its adaptive charging methodology, it doubles the life of the batteries.  And, it allows customers to manage resources effectively during outages.
  • Active Battery Management Software – Easy to use Actiview® dashboard simplifies battery issues for technicians so they can remotely diagnose and correct issues without sending a technician onsite. Predictive analytics based on over 90 million hours of batter data help predict battery failure 30-60 days in advance before causing network outage or ruins other batteries in a string. Actiview can be seamlessly integrated into a NOC.
  • GE Rectifiers – Best in class 1200/2000-watt GE OEM power supply modules with the SPS-R seamlessly integrated within the rectifier for ease of use. All 10 GMT fuses, breakers, power modules, and SPS module are located on the front panel for easy accessibility.

According to Mangum, the SPS-R is being showcased at ISE EXPO with demonstrations for potential customers at the Servato booth number 619.  The system will be generally available on 1/1/2019.

“This is clearly a huge step in the evolution of improving the way we manage, monitor and maintain backup solutions which are so critical to our telecommunications infrastructure,” he said.  “This simple solution will have a big impact on improving our overall infrastructure and ensuring landline and wireless connectivity when outages due to catastrophic events occur.”

About Servato

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