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Press Release -- August 31st, 2018
Source: Huawei

President of Malawi: Expect Huawei to play a more important role in Malawi national ICT construction

[Beijing, China, August 31, 2018] Arthur Peter Mutharika, President of Malawi, who is on a visit to China, had a meeting with Yi Xiang, Senior Vice President of Huawei. During the meeting, Mutharika said that Huawei has made great contributions to the construction of ICT infrastructure in Malawi.

Mutharika said Huawei has participated in the construction of many ICT projects in Malawi and contribute to economic development and life improvement. ICT is extremely important for national development, since it will bring huge opportunities to all walks of life. He said he expects Huawei to play a more important role in improving the communications infrastructure in Malawi and laying a solid foundation for the social economic development of Malawi.

Arthur Peter Mutharika, President of Malawi (fourth from left) meeting with Yi Xiang, Senior Vice President of Huawei(fourth form right) in Beijing

Yi Xiang said ICT is not just a vertical industry, but is integrated into every industry with its enabling power, changing the way people live, especially in terms of improving efficiency. ICT will bring opportunities for leap-forward development and digital transformation in all industries. Mutharika hopes Huawei will continue to play its role based on the experience and advantages in the ICT field in improving the communications infrastructure in Malawi.

Yi Xiang reiterated that Huawei will continue to promote connectivity in Malawi and bring the digital world to more individuals, families and organizations under the guidance of the national ICT master plan of Malawi. On the basis of ICT infrastructure, Huawei will develop more ICT services tailored to local needs of increasing efficiency, improving people’s life, transforming existing industries, and cultivating new pillar industries, to fully unleash the transformative power of ICT and help Malawi embrace knowledge economy and information society at an early date to achieve its vision of ICT For All.

After the meeting, Huawei donated ICT training program “Seeds for the Future” for Malawian students in ICT related majors.

Yi Xiang, Senior Vice President of Huawei(first from right) handing over the training program for Malawian students to Arthur Peter Mutharika, President of Malawi (first from left)

Huawei has been providing end-to-end communication solutions for customers in Malawi since it entered the country in 2008. Huawei’s products and services are currently serving two-thirds of the country’s population. In addition to providing customers with safe, stable and high-quality networks, Huawei also actively fulfills its corporate social responsibility with its core technical capabilities. For example, Huawei provide programs like ICT training and training for women to bridge the digital divide and consolidate the ICT talent base, helping foster a heathy ecosystem for the growth of the industry and drive national development. From 2016 to 2018, Huawei funded students in ICT-related majors from Malawi to receive training in China every year, helping them put theories into practice to meet the skill requirements of the job market.

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