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Press Release -- July 2nd, 2018
Source: Huawei

Huawei’s VNF Ecosystem Ranks Leader in Strategy Analytics Research Report

[Shenzhen, China, July 2, 2018] In a research report Comparison of VNF Ecosystem Vendors – Solution Breadth, VNF Architecture, 5G Evolution, Openness and Ecosystem, published earlier this year by reputed market research and consulting firm Strategy Analytics, Huawei was evaluated leader in vendor positioning in terms of architectural and technology approaches against Virtual Network Function (VNF) portfolio completeness.

Re-architecting VNF as a ‘Cloud Native’ architecture and optimizing performance and reliability has become a crucial demand by operators to offset the poor results from first generation non-carrier grade ‘white box ‘COTS servers that replaced ATCA hardware. As NFV becomes mainstream and 5G along with IoT promises immense future potential, operators are demanding more than simple virtualization from their vendors. As the 5G Service Based Architecture (SBA) evolves, VNFs are required to be decomposed into micro-services that support fast and dynamic ‘on demand’ service flows for rapid innovation and DevOps based deployment wherever they are needed – in the Core, at the Edge or in another Cloud.

In order to evaluate operators’ requirements and vendors’ compliance, the report analyzed three phases of NFV Cloud evolution: ‘Only Virtualization’, ‘Cloud Ready’ and ‘Cloud Native’. The research paper described how VNF ecosystems have evolved over the three phases and evaluated where major vendors including Huawei are along that evolutionary path.

In the comprehensive vendor assessment section, the research assessed how Huawei adopted key Cloud Native technologies to deliver next generation VNF ecosystem. Huawei’s Cloud Native decomposed and distributed VNF architecture, lightweight containerization, AI based automated OA&M and automated CI/CD makes its VNF ecosystem the most complete, mature and advanced in the industry. According to the research , Huawei’s VNF ecosystem has evolved further in terms of vendor compliance across a wide range of VNFs, commercial deployment and features and functionalities that ensure reliability, scalability and, performance.

Based on a comprehensive assessment of how major vendors’ VNF ecosystems meet operators’ requirements, Huawei ranked 1st in all six requirement criteria, as shown below.

The research report also provided a vendor positioning leadership board, putting all the assessment results together, to compare the major vendors’ architectural and technology approaches and the completeness of their VNF portfolios, as shown below. The research report ranked Huawei as the leader in this vendor positioning leadership board.

Huawei’s NFV solution has been widely recognized and accepted across several continents. By the end of 2018 Q1, Huawei had over 400 NFV commercial contracts worldwide.

Click this link to read the white paper.

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