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Press Release -- June 20th, 2018
Source: DE-CIX

New Looking Glass: Beta version available

DE-CIX is proud to announce the availability of the new looking glass service – beta version!

With the new looking glass service, it is now possible to easily search for an AS number, a peer or a particular IP prefix. In addition, the new looking glass service provides the reason why a certain route is rejected by the route server (e.g. due to IRR filters).

The new looking glass service is available for the DE-CIX locations in Dallas, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Istanbul, Madrid, Marseille, Munich, New York, and Palermo.

You can search the route servers of all DE-CIX locations at the same time or select a particular route server (e.g. DE-CIX Frankfurt). Furthermore, insights into the usage of control of re-distribution (e.g. no advertise, no export, or selective no advertise) are provided – this one feature is currently not available in Frankfurt and New York due to the high use of control of re-distribution at these locations. We are working on getting this feature also available there.

The new looking glass service provides an API so that external applications can easily query it.

The service is part of the DE-CIX beta program which allows customers to get hands-on experience with services that are still under development. We do our best to provide a stable and reliable operation of these services, but we cannot promise anything. The features of a service might change and the availability of the service might be limited.

The old looking glass service will stay in service as long as the new looking glass service is still a DE-CIX beta service.

If you notice any hiccups or bugs or if you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The software components of the new looking glass service are based on Alice-LG and birdwatcher.

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