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Press Release -- June 21st, 2018
Source: DE-CIX

New DirectCLOUD partners: 23media and Voxility

We warmly welcome 23media and Voxility as new DirectCLOUD partners!

23media’s flexCloud combines flexibility and performance in one single product. By using reliable server components and the latest technology flexCloud guarantees performance at any time. Because of the free scalability of the cloud environment, customers benefit from high flexibility and can add or remove resources anytime. Live-migration and change of the storage media (SSD or HDD) is possible during runtime and provides universal usability.

Voxility offers various services in the the categories DDoS, Transit, IAAS, and Backup & Recovery. For example, Voxility helps ISPs, cloud & hosting providers, streaming & gaming companies and large enterprises to stop DDoS attacks like SYN floods, UDP floods, DNS amplification, volumetric attacks and many other types. Their cloud-based solution is entirely designed and developed in-house, which means it is highly customizable to their client’s needs. Aside from classic GRE/L2tp tunneling, their network also allows to offer direct interconnection closer to the client’s infrastructure in all 17 PoPs, and the partnership with DE-CIX enables even more locations via a regular cross-connect or private Vlan.

More information can be found in the the DirectCLOUD service finder

New certified DirectCLOUD ISP and data center partners

Not only the number of cloud service providers but also the number of certified ISP and data center partners is rising steadily. We warmly welcome our new partners Cloudkleyer, ConsultIT (ColocationIX), Elbracht, HeliNet, myloc, Noris network, Pfalzkom Manet, Telehouse, TKRZ, Vega, and Voxility.

Certified DirectCLOUD ISPs and data centers are able to offer their customers the best possible cloud connection to a variety of cloud service providers and services via DE-CIX DirectCLOUD. A list of available certified partners can be found here. If you want to be part of it, just drop us an email.

Since 2009, 23media has been offering highly available hosting services for national and international business customers and partners. In the most prestigious and secure data centers in Germany, they operate more than 5000 dedicated servers and more than 120 server cabinets for various customer projects. Their own highly redundant fiber-optic network with its own backbone reduces the failure probability of the services to a minimum and is optimized for the operation of business critical applications. 23media’s customers include, among others, universities, insurance companies, operators of online shops, providers of streaming content and payment service providers.

Voxility (AS 3223) provides Infrastructure-as-a-Service in the biggest Internet hubs in the world. They rent or sell hardware, network equipment, Internet access and DDoS mitigation services. Voxility runs a powerful global network on which it can deliver almost any kind of cloud service, using 17 best-connected data centers in the US and Europe. Its +2Tbps edge traffic network is directly connected to more than 1300 BGP peers for the best regional content distribution so that Voxility can quickly deliver its cloud offerings in Frankfurt, London, Vienna, Prague, Amsterdam, Bucharest, Washington, Los Angeles and Miami. According to they rank in the top 100 largest Internet networks on the planet based on listed public interconnections capacity.

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