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Press Release -- May 3rd, 2018
Source: DE-CIX

DE-CIX retains strong global and regional customer and capacity growth in 2017

Frankfurt (Main), Germany, 2 May. DE-CIX, the world’s leading Internet Exchange operator, continues its unabated global growth across its businesses in 2017. The DE-CIX Internet Exchanges in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, as well as in North America, increased its consolidated global customer growth by close to 14 % with more than 1,230 customers. The growth drove an overall connected capacity of 34 Terabits (Tbit), a 30% spike from 2016. Global customers’ increased bandwidth needs was recognizable in the 100 Gigabit Ethernet (GE) ports addition, which doubled to more than 200 ports worldwide.

DE-CIX Frankfurt strengthened its global position as the flagship Internet Exchange with a 38 % growth in 100 GE ports, resulting in a 23% increase in connected capacity – bringing the exchange up to a staggering 27.79 Tbit. The world’s record of peak traffic at any Internet Exchange was broken by DE-CIX three times in 2017, reaching 6+ Tbit/s at the end of the year. DE-CIX’s broad customer base also rose 7 %, bringing the total number to nearly 800 in Frankfurt alone. Other German DE-CIX Internet Exchanges in Hamburg, Munich and Dusseldorf experienced consolidated growth of nearly 20 % during the year.

“It is becoming clear that the ICT markets are changing radically. More competitors are capitalizing on the Internet Exchange business model. DE-CIX is well prepared for these changes, which we have achieved by increasing our service portfolio and generating greater value for our customers. Many of these ideas have flowed into our new service world, which offers our customers a greater flexibility to react to the upcoming challenges, and extends the service portfolio with services like DirectCLOUD to better monetize the existing connection to DE-CIX. This is why DE-CIX is growing from a peering platform to a global interconnection company, offering a new world of interconnection services,” comments Harald A. Summa – CEO of DE-CIX – on the future company strategy.

Highlights from around the world

North America experiencing considerable customer growth of 19.2%

DE-CIX North America, the fastest growing carrier and data center-neutral Internet Exchange operator in the United States, with its New York and Dallas Internet Exchanges, also thrived steadily in all areas with its consolidated customer base growing by 19.2 % in 2017.

Within four years of launching operations, DE-CIX New York experienced spectacular growth in connected capacity throughout 2017, increasing by 72 % to 2.5 Terabits. Associated increase in traffic over the platform peaked with traffic rising by 61.4 % to nearly 270 Gbps. Strong growth in customers and ASNs (with more than new 150 networks signed by the end of 2017) led to a 25 % increase in 10GE ports connected at DE-CIX New York.

In less than a year, DE-CIX Dallas has developed strong traction, becoming a competitive force ranking second in the Dallas market. The first 100GE ports were connected, tripling capacity from 2016 levels. Customer numbers and ASNs rose strongly, with 40 networks signed by year end.

DE-CIX in Southern Europe: The rising stars of Madrid, Marseille and Palermo

Due to an ever-increasing number of submarine cables landing, traditional traffic flow heading towards Southern Europe, especially the Iberian Peninsula and the Mediterranean coast, are changing. With three Internet Exchanges in Madrid, Marseille, and Palermo, DE-CIX drives the booming interconnection ecosystem by growing the digital gateways for traffic coming from and going to Africa, Asia, and the Americas. In 2017, the Southern European exchanges experienced strong consolidated growth, nearly doubling in 10 GE ports and connected capacity.

DE-CIX Madrid is the fastest growing Internet Exchange globally

During 2017, DE-CIX Madrid became the fastest growing IX globally. The platform connected over 100 networks by the end of 2017, customer numbers grew by almost 60 % during the year and the data traffic broke records on a week-to-week basis. It translated with the connected capacity rising 145%.

Building bridges from east to west: DE-CIX Istanbul and UAE-IX powered by DE-CIX (Dubai)

DE-CIX Istanbul experienced consistent growth throughout 2017, tripling 10 GE ports with associated connected capacity growing four-fold. Customer base increased by 38%, with peak traffic spiking from around 6 Gbps early in the year to around 45 Gbps by December.
At the end of 2017, UAE-IX was upgraded to the powerful DE-CIX Apollon technology platform, making it 100 GE-ready. The Internet Exchange saw 19% customer growth, and ended 2017 tripling its number of connected 10GE ports. Peak traffic grew steadily throughout the year, from a high of 65 Gbps in 2016 to over 80 Gbps in 2017.

“To date, we have created and are growing Internet Exchanges on four continents, including Europe, North America, the Middle East, and Mumbai IX powered by DE-CIX in India, our newest family member. Our goal for the coming years is to enable new and existing ecosystems in all major telecommunication markets across the globe. The geographic coverage of DE-CIX, coupled with the variety of different interconnection services, will allow connected networks – whether they are acting regionally, in domestic markets, or globally – to get DE-CIX interconnection services customized to their needs from both a geographical perspective and in terms of their respective business models,” says Ivo Ivanov, CEO of DE-CIX International.

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