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Press Release -- March 13th, 2018
Source: DE-CIX

Interview: DE-CIX’s Ivo Ivanov on the future of interconnection

Interview: DE-CIX’s Ivo Ivanov on the future of interconnection

Telecom Ramblings interviewed Ivo Ivanov, Chief Strategic and Corporate Development Officer at DE-CIX, about the future of interconnection. He talks about how the interconnection business will change over the next few years, how different enterprise verticals approach the interconnection business, how DE-CIX plans to meet the interconnection needs from enterprises, and much more.

Extract from the Telecom Ramblings interview:

Telecom Ramblings: How do you see the interconnection business changing over the next few years?

Ivo Ivanov: The key thing for us as an interconnection service operator, is that enterprises are now confirming that they see interconnection needs. The trend is that with just one operator as service vendor they cannot meet their needs for their global communication, for new services, or for the digital demands of their business models. They need to be directly involved with their networks choosing cloud solutions that are directly interconnected with suppliers and business partners. So that means that the existing interconnection ecosystems of today can be dramatically extended to a much broader group of participants. Today, we see mainly two types: hypo-access and content, and content delivery is also there. While we do see a limited number of enterprises, this will change in the near future dramatically. We already have requests and active discussions with big companies from the automotive industry, from the finance industry, and from IT system integration side.

Telecom Ramblings: How do different enterprise verticals approach the interconnection business?

Ivo Ivanov: The finance guys are more focused on security and on better aggregation worldwide with their providers of finance-related data, where they do have already interconnections with us today but they are not aggregated enough so this can be improved. Providers like Thomson Reuters or Bloomberg, for instance, have a very strong interest in serving their clients in an optimized, interconnected way. The automotive guys are more interested in interconnection services very close to the edge. For instance, interconnecting cars in live traffic situations, you need a significantly better resilience and the lowest latency possible, actually. It only makes sense if the delay is about one millisecond or two milliseconds...

The complete interview can be found here.

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