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Press Release -- February 22nd, 2018
Source: AMS-IX

Partner in the spotlight: Epsilon

For 15 years, Epsilon has been delivering networking solutions around the world and helping its partners to benefit from peering at Internet Exchanges (IXs). Our global interconnect fabric includes more than 600 Service Providers as well as IXs that span the globe.

We are big believers in peering and have worked with AMS-IX for more than 10 years. As Cloud and content transform our industry, we’re focused on keeping things simple. Our Service Provider partners want to add new capabilities to their operations without adding new complexity. That’s a fundamental challenge our partners face globally and something we put front and centre in our business.

When it comes to peering, we want to make it as simple and easy as possible for partners to access peering points and make the most of hubs like AMS-IX. Our goal is to streamline how Service Providers benefit from peering even if they aren’t able to be directly present at an exchange point.

Using remote peering, Service Providers who may be present in one exchange can gain access to new IXs with on-demand connectivity. That gives them access to new peering partners and enables them to steadily grow their presence on an exchange. The IX benefits from a growing ecosystem of partners and IX users gain access to partners they may not have had the ability to peer with previously. It is a win-win and something we’re seeing growing demand for.

When Service Providers use on-demand connectivity for remote peering, they see a lot of new benefits. It takes remote peering and optimises it for today’s Cloud-centric market. Our partners can quickly access new IXs on our web portal at the click of a button. They gain control over their network services and can go where the demand is. It’s that simple.

If a Service Provider is seeing increased demand for Asian content amongst its users locally in Europe, it can use on-demand connectivity to expand its presence in Singapore (SGIX) or New York (NYIIX) if US content is a driver. It can use the flexibility and elasticity of on-demand connectivity to scale up temporarily and adjust if it surges or tapers off. This solves a major headache for Service Providers that want to increase the use of peering within their operations.

We see it as a way to remove the barriers to delivering an optimised end user experience and maximising the potential of IXs. We’re big fans of what AMS-IX is doing in Amsterdam and around the world, and see it as a valuable partner.

AMS-IX is accelerating how network-centric organisations interconnect and on-demand connectivity is taking this to a new level.

Thanks AMS-IX!

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