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Press Release -- December 20th, 2017
Source: AMS-IX

Partner in the spotlight: IX Reach

You may have seen the IX Reach name and wondered ‘is that the IX Reach, or a different one?’, well good news – it’s the same one – just, bigger and better! In our ten-year history IX Reach has been on quite a journey. Originally founded in 2007 by entrepreneur Stephen Wilcox, IX Reach was acquired by IIX in 2015 which later rebranded to Console Connect during 2015/16.

In October 2017, after having left Console Connect, Wilcox independently bought Console’s global network, assets and customers, and along with a new dedicated team relaunched the IX Reach brand with the vision of building on its solid reputation and global following. Although we’ve reverted to IX Reach, every other part of the business, our mindset and vision is moving forward; we’re much bigger than we were back then and we’ve broadened and grown our product offering.

In any industry to stay ahead of the curve, businesses have to adapt and adopt new trends, and working with other companies to develop partnerships is key in order to evolve. The core area of our business has been global connectivity and every flavour of that. We have always prided ourselves on enabling networks to connect seamlessly to IXPs, data centres, partner networks, and various cloud platforms over our reliable and robust network. Our aim has been to improve the service for customers so they can provide a better service to their end-users.

We’ve worked together with AMS-IX to provide remote peering services since the very beginning and in these 10 years we’ve achieved a great deal; from earning silver and gold partner status five years in a row to being selected as the official “AMS-IX enabled” partner in the UK, and going on to be the first reseller of AMS-IX New York when it first launched, we’re proud of our history with the Amsterdam-based IXP. Remote peering connectivity will always remain a key service of ours; there are so many benefits of peering: near-instant network expansion; removing the need to setup extra infrastructure; having a single point of contact for legal, technical and billing.

Within the past few years our network footprint has expanded considerably and now encompasses key regions in Asia including Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo as well as much greater depth into the US and Canada.

In the last few years, there has been a real trend shift towards the cloud. It’s gone from being a service spoken about as an add-on, to something integral in our day-to-day lives as well; as cloud consumers, we want everything instantly available at the touch of a button! At IX Reach we have always led in these areas, whether its being a remote peering provider to AMS-IX since the start or to being on the beta launches for Amazon and Google when direct connect was first offered, and we continue to position ourselves at the leading edge of internet and cloud direct connection offerings.

It’s been a long journey to get to this point, but with our new team, new management, and new ideas we look forward to our future. So, thank you AMS-IX for the past ten years, and here’s to the next – proost!

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