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Press Release -- October 18th, 2017
Source: DE-CIX

New: The DE-CIX Service World

17 October 2017
New: The DE-CIX Service World

The new DE-CIX Service World offers more services, more flexibility, and more modularity, combined with an attractive pricing model. Once networks have access to the DE-CIX platform, they can order additional services on their access, have multiple ASNs on one access, and can add value to their connection to DE-CIX in numerous ways. Networks get more opportunities for new business, and a better ROI from the connection to DE-CIX.

Explore the new DE-CIX Service World
What’s changing for customers
DE-CIX prepares for the future

Helping companies to improve their network quality in terms of bandwidth, security, and efficiency has been DE-CIX’s core business for more than two decades. As part of the global community of interconnection, DE-CIX has always been innovation-driven and propelled by a pioneering spirit. In a dynamic, fast-growing and very vibrant market, being at the forefront means thinking ahead and anticipating the needs of the following years.

The need for sophisticated interconnection

We clearly see the need for sophisticated interconnection that goes beyond peering at an Internet Exchange. Peering is the basis of high-quality network interconnection, but additional needs are evolving: The need to connect to cloud services bypassing the Internet; the need to use flexible interconnection setups; the need to establish private connections between networks at different DE-CIX locations.

The future of interconnection is still open, and with the new DE-CIX Service World, we are not just ready for it: we are shaping it, together with our customers.

New services, new interconnection opportunities, more flexibility, and fast delivery

Access to DE-CIX gives you the flexibility you need. DE-CIX DirectCLOUD represented the first step into our new DE-CIX Service World. DirectCLOUD offers a direct connection to cloud services bypassing the Internet. GlobePEER Remote is another step, enabling networks to peer at an additional DE-CIX exchange without having to set up and maintain an additional point of presence. The MetroVLAN service allows DE-CIX’s customers to create a separate VLAN on top of an existing access to the DE-CIX platform in order to exchange any type of network traffic, in a metro region or between DE-CIX locations.

The DE-CIX platforms in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Dusseldorf, New York, and Istanbul are interconnected. With access in one of the locations, you can access the other locations and use services like GlobePEER Remote, DirectCLOUD, or MetroVLAN remotely.

Growing together with our customers

We will investigate further markets and enter into strategic partnerships to offer the networks in all DE-CIX ecosystems around the globe the interconnection services they need and desire. Our flexibility will grow, and our reach will extend.

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