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Press Release -- October 24th, 2017
Source: ease-telecom

Ease telecom, the low entry connectivity to Germany

A unique partnership between Deutsche Telekom and Ease telecom is offering direct connections to the AS3320 network of Deutsche Telekom starting from a 1GE connection up to multiple 10GE and 100GE connections for the best end-to-end user experience serving e.g. hosting providers, content providers, ISP’s, access providers and datacentres.

This solution offers you dedicated connections with access to >45% of the German eyeballs (plus 250 million T-brand users worldwide) including the full table worldwide domains based on the reliable Deutsche Telekom’s global IP network at cost-effective prices with solid service level agreements.

Deutsche Telekom is one of the world’s largest IP networks and a Tier 1 provider offering best-in-class availability and quality standards. The global backbone of Deutsche Telekom, positioned at every major global Internet exchange, supports both IPv4 and IPv6, so there is no need to hesitate if you plan to make the switch soon. The backbone can handle petabytes of traffic load per month – current throughput stands at more than 1100 petabytes.

At Ease telecom, the majority of our customers have chosen private, dedicated connections, which ensures 100% accessibility and optimal performance. With a broad range of available interfaces, transmission rates, we can help you choose solutions which fit your specific requirements.

Coming with Ease telecom to DT and what you get for the cost is……

  • Direct AS3320 connection, improved performance and quality over the multi hop indirect networks on the market.
  • No disruption to QOS due to poor third party network forecasting, overbooking, or congestion.
  • Being connected to DT, the eyeball host network, ensures network capacity which is not over booked, congested and is governed by very strict German guidelines on how it adheres to security policies to protect its networks and service provision to its customers.

Ease telecom B.V.
Beatrixplein 6, 6713 PV Ede.

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