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Press Release -- August 21st, 2017
Source: DE-CIX

New at DE-CIX’s route servers: (Selective) path prepending and BGP Large Communities

Networks can now make even more use of BGP Communities to control DE-CIX’s route servers.

AS Path Prepending

You can tell the route server to prepend your own ASN up to three times. This can be done to all other peers or selectively to only certain peers. BGP Standard Communities (RFC 1997), BGP Extended Communities (RFC 4360), and BGP Large Communities (RFC 8092) can be used to achieve this.

Selective NO-EXPORT/NO-ADVERTISE with BGP Large Communities

With BGP Large Communities, it is now possible to tell the route server to add the NO-EXPORT and NO-ADVERTISE BGP communities on a per-peer basis to the routes that it redistributes.

A complete list of the new features can be found in the customer portal (route server guides).

More information

BGP Standard Communities
BGP Extended Communities
BGP Large Communities

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