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Press Release -- August 30th, 2017
Source: OnRamp Access

Data Center Austin Conference: Join IT Influencers

Data Center Austin Conference: Join IT Influencers
Aug 30, 2017
Keith Miersma
Data Center Austin Conference: Join IT Influencers
What’s not to like about “extreme networking,” golf, live music, and talkin’ shop about the latest advances in data center technology with your peers? All of this and more will take place at the Data Center Austin Conference (DC/AC) on September 12-13. OnRamp is excited to be a featured participant this year—we’ll be giving a guided tour of our Austin II facilities. Our Austin data center tour is part of the robust two-day agenda centered on how to make the most of today’s technology, with tomorrow’s demands in mind. Sign up for the tour before registration closes on September 7.

Just as SXSW helps “creative people achieve their goals,” DC/AC helps bring the most relevant thought leaders in the data center industry under one roof. This year’s agenda promises opportunities for innovators in the marketplace to collaborate, learn, and motivate.

Did you know modern technology can automate 45% of activities people are paid to perform? About 60% percent of all occupations could see 30% or more of their constituent activities automated. In many cases, we already have access to the technology that can change our business as a whole. DC/AC delivers a forum of best practices for stakeholders to leverage new tools and stay ahead of the curve.

There’s only one drawback of DC/AC: There’s so much to do! Here are a few highlights, and we hope you’ll connect with us while you’re in attendance.

8 AM: 1st Annual Golf Tournament at Omni Barton Creek Resort & Spa

Tee off for the entire conference by playing along at the Crenshaw Cliffside at Omni Barton Creek Resort and Spa. The course is located on a 4,000-acre resort and spa that’s ranked among the best in the country. Whether you’re setting your sites on a pro tour slot someday, or consider yourself a novice, there will be plenty of fun and networking opportunities.

11 AM: Austin Data Center Tour Presented by OnRamp

At OnRamp, we know firsthand what many decision makers in the IT sector know: Not all data centers are created equal. We’re happy to share best practices in operations and technology with DC/AC attendees. As owners and operators of our Austin data centers, we control the entire infrastructure and hold certifications that confirm the security and compliance of our customers.

7 PM: Live Concert Featuring The Spazmatics

What’s a trip to Austin without some great music? Come join conference attendees and dance along to the 80s flashbacks inspired by The Spazmatics.

10 AM Keynote Speaker, Luke Nosek

This year’s keynote speaker, Luke Nosek, will set the tone for the entire conference. As the co-founder of Founder’s Fund as well as PayPal, Nosek has experience in critical infrastructure, cloud technologies, and venture capital—he can rival anyone in the business. Luke’s talk will focus on future advancing technologies. His expertise promises insights into both cloud infrastructure and overcoming data center owner/operator challenges.

10:45 AM State of the Industry

There is no question that data is valuable to your organization and clients. As Daniel Newman, Principal Analyst of Futurum Research and CEO of Broadsuite Media Group notes, “analytics pays $13.01 for every dollar spent.”

This panel offers an overview of the State of the Industry from the perspective of a data center and technology real estate market leader with JLL-Data Center Solutions. How can we communicate the upcoming needs of business against the current tech tools? State of the Industry will let us know where we are and how to get to the next level ahead of the curve.

4:45 PM Women’s Impact Panel

Women in IT make .79 on the dollar compared to men, and less than 20% of women pursue degrees in Computer Sciences. At OnRamp, we recognize inclusion needs to be our goal across the industry, and looking forward to exploring what the DC/AC female leaders are doing to make an impact on the IT industry and how we can follow their lead.

With opportunities to talk and exchange ideas built into the agenda across the exciting two days there is little doubt we will have a chance to get together and talk.

Be sure you check the DC/AC website for all the activities. Come by and say hello! OnRamp is excited to help host a great time in Austin for DC/AC’s 2017’s lineup.

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