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Press Release -- June 2nd, 2017
Source: Ericsson

The Next Wave: Network-First Innovation

Meet our new Head of Ericsson Silicon Valley, Diomedes Kastanis, and find out what’s on his mind about IoT, AI and the future of business innovation.

In the near future, we will define the capabilities of interactive and connected devices by the networks that empower them. Real-time artificial intelligence, IoT, connected machines and next-generation interfaces like AR will all require a new kind of network, with latencies and capabilities so integrated with the device that where the device ends and the network begins will be essentially undetectable. Innovation, in essence, will be network-first, as none of the coming wave of innovations can optimally succeed without this new kind of network – one that Ericsson is uniquely positioned to deliver.

Why Silicon Valley is the Key to Ericsson Innovation

Silicon Valley has been at the heart of technology transformation for decades, and it will continue to be the center of innovation going forward.  Innovation is the most important word for organizations and this applies especially in regards to Ericsson’s presence in Silicon Valley, in terms of high-quality talent and input, contexts for strategy and local customers that push organizations to release new and cutting edge products.

From a recent CIO Review article:

“We tend to focus on what we can change within the company to stimulate innovation – but focusing on what is taking place externally has an equal, if not greater, impact … However, while becoming a physical part of the innovation landscape is necessary, it is not sufficient.  To truly catalyze innovation, a company must embrace the proper mindset – which also includes embracing failure.”

Ericsson has been present in Silicon Valley for about 20 years, when we already saw that the internet was changing telecom, and that mobility would change the internet.  Our initial focus was on IP technologies and fiber optics, and that eventually expanded to include media cloud and TV.  But at the same time, we have kept a focus on innovation for the entire company and entire sector.

In the past year, we have accelerated our efforts toward internal and external innovation and by establishing a new Ericsson Experience Center at our new Santa Clara campus, as well as creating an Ericsson Innovation Garage and founding the Innovation Office.

We also maintain strong engagement in the wider Silicon Valley ecosystem, including Google, Apple collaboration, Alchemist and Plug and Play accelerators– as well as larger multi-nationals with an important research presence here such as Volvo and Toyota.

To learn more about Ericsson and innovation, please check out our innovation page or our page devoted specifically to Ericsson Garage.

Diomedes Kastanis

Diomedes Kastanis is Head of Ericsson Silicon Valley working to support the advancement of the company’s technology vision and innovation.

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