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Press Release -- June 6th, 2017
Source: MRV Communications

MRV Introduces 200G Optical Transport Solutions for Data Center Interconnect and Telecom Applications

CHATSWORTH, California, June 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — MRV Communications™, Inc. (MRVC) (“MRV®”), a provider of innovative network solutions for data center operators, service providers, and enterprises, introduces new 200G coherent digital muxponders to its OptiDriver® WDM optical transport portfolio that are optimized for Data Center Interconnect (DCI) and telecom applications.  With the addition of these new muxponders, OptiDriver is now one of the only platforms that covers the full range of applications, from smaller access locations to large metro and regional WDM networks, all with one set of modules and chassis.  This simplifies network design, reduces stranded chassis space, limits sparing requirements, minimizes learning curves, and ensures interoperability for data center operators, communication service providers and enterprises.

MRV Introduces 200G Optical Transport Solutions for Data Center Interconnect and Telecom Applications

The new MRV offering is based on digital coherent technology and enables a complete solution, ranging from 100G transponder module to the 200G muxponder modules, all in miniature form factor to optimize service density and reliability.  200G muxponders excel in high-service granularity, which means that the failure of a module only affects the service on one port. The high port density configuration of the 600G triple muxponder, integrates three independent 200G muxponders in a 1RU configuration. These solutions provide unique chassis-based modularity across the entire product line with advanced management options including Ethernet and OTN/FEC PM, OTN OAM&P, as well as remote management capabilities based on GCC-channels, and the best overall value for any high density optical transport application.

Based on coherent digital CFP2-DCO optics, OptiDriver 100G transponder and 200G muxponders enable a pay-as-you grow strategy that offers real economy combined with a rich feature set offering industry leading service-density and power-efficiency.

The new transponder and muxponders are particularly energy efficient with between 0.16 and 0.25 watts/Gb, the highest power efficiency in the industry.  Additionally, the new modules provide extremely high density when used in the full range of OptiDriver chassis from the OD-1, compact one slot desktop unit, to the OD-4-DCI, 1RU modular pizza box, to the OD-48-HD, a 48 slot metro and regional WDM platform.  Using these new modules enables 1.2 Terabits in the 1RU OD-4-DCI chassis and up to 18 Terabits in the OD-48-HD, a 10RU chassis. The chassis can be stacked together for ease of management and even greater bandwidth.

“MRV’s new 200G data center interconnect and telco WDM modules offer plug-and-play service activation via our multilayer Pro-Vision® Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO) software platform,” commented Adam Scheer, Chief Operating Officer for MRV Communications. “Ease of installation and sophisticated management features, as well as the use of CFP2 form factor optics, ensure that our customers can stay at the leading edge of optical transport technology to expand and operate next generation networks easily and efficiently.”

“MRV is advancing flexible solutions for DCI and telco applications alike,” added Tim Doiron, Principal Analyst for ACG Research. “With the introduction of multiple next-generation 100G and 200G coherent DWDM transponders and muxponders for their unique, modular architecture, MRV is helping service providers in four essential areas:  lower power, pluggable versatility, wire-speed encryption capability and simplified operations.”

The new ultra-high bandwidth modules can be used in combination with other modules in the OptiDriver portfolio including optical add/drop multiplexers (OADM), multi rate and multiprotocol transponders, dispersion compensation, ROADMs, optical multiplexers, and amplifiers, giving service providers the ultimate flexibility to meet any DWDM network requirement.

These new modules have also been designed to support Layer 1 wire-speed, hardware-ready encryption with future software activation, and Open Line System (OLS) architecture.  OptiDriver’s standard ITU-T grid DWDM solutions support the transport of alien wavelengths over existing optical network infrastructure equipment to create best-of-breed optical transport solutions.

The entire OptiDriver solution can be managed with MRV’s Pro-Vision® Life Cycle Service Orchestration service management and orchestration software platform.

About MRV Communications

MRV Communications (MRVC) enables service providers, data center operators and enterprises to make their networks smarter, faster and easier to operate.  MRV’s end-to-end portfolio includes innovative packet, optical and software platforms designed for flexibility and reliability. To learn more about MRV visit and follow us on Twitter @MRVC.

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