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Press Release -- June 9th, 2017
Source: Calix Networks

Calix Redefines Access Edge with AXOS Subscriber Management Module – Elimination of BNG Radically Alters Deployment Economics in Next Gen Networks

Muni leader CFU expects to derive significant CAPEX and OPEX benefits through shift of intelligence and consolidation of subscriber management functions into the access network


PETALUMA, CA – June 8, 2017Calix, Inc. (NYSE:CALX, news, filings), the world leader in Subscriber Driven Intelligent Access, announced AXOS Subscriber Management Module (SMm), a breakthrough software module for its world leading AXOS platform that redefines the traditional boundaries between the edge and access networks. The latest transformative technology made possible on the world’s only Software Defined Access (SDA) platform, AXOS consolidates traditional edge and access functions for next generation networks with the AXOS E9-2 Intelligent Edge System. This consolidation started with the recently announced AXOS Routing Protocol Module (RPm), which eliminates the need for an aggregation router. SMm takes this further, by eliminating the need for a broadband network gateway (BNG) for next generation networks and the associated costly upgrades to the edge network while streamlining subscriber service activation and reducing traffic across the networks, dramatically altering service provider network economics. With key subscriber management functions pulled into the access network, service providers eliminate the expensive burden caused by traditional BNG routers, while benefiting from unprecedented insight and control of the subscriber experience from the initial turn-up throughout the subscriber life cycle.

“Calix AXOS SMm is the clearest demonstration yet of the power of the world’s only SDA platform,“ said Michel Langlois, Calix senior vice president of products. “By enabling broadband policy capabilities with SMm in the E9-2, we are giving customers the ability to reduce or eliminate the complexity, cost, and maintenance of the subscriber edge routing functions to meet the needs of the access network. This allows service providers to save up to 80 percent in CAPEX and OPEX due to a radically simplified architecture. Furthermore, transforming the access edge with AXOS SMm enables our service provider customers to have faster time-to-revenue and react to market dynamics quickly by extracting and distributing control and policy capabilities to where they should be – out of the edge and close to the subscriber, deep within an AXOS enabled intelligent access network. With the never-ending, exponential growth of data, this shift of intelligence into the access network catalyzed by SMm puts Calix customers on a path to long-term, sustainable AXOS-enabled success.”

AXOS SMm includes the following functions related to subscriber service turn-up and modifications, which were historically located in the edge router:

·         AAA – Subscriber authentication, authorization, and accounting

·         Subscriber IP address management

·         Subscriber policy charging and enforcement (PCEF)

“Before the dawn of the Intelligent Access Edge era here at Cedar Falls Utilities (CFU), subscriber management functions were hosted on various network elements, and service activations and changes had to cross over multiple employees and departments, which was difficult to manage and accelerate,” said Rob Houlihan, CTO of CFU. “With the addition of AXOS SMm to the E9-2, Calix will allow us to take the efficiency of our subscriber management to a whole new level and move it closer to the subscriber. Everything related to our subscribers, from provisioning quality of service to policy management, will reside in one location, enabling subscriber self-service and a much more streamlined process for our operations team. This means less room for error and faster customer service.”

To see CFU’s live NG-PON2 and AXOS SMm deployment with the AXOS E9-2, watch the latest Calix Success Story video.

Built on a growing portfolio of AXOS innovations that deliver game-changing functionality to service providers, AXOS SMm stands as the most transformational yet in reshaping traditional network economics. When combined with the recently announced AXOS RPm, which delivers Layer 3 routing from the core to the customer premises, the unconstrained architecture of the AXOS E9-2, and the unprecedented flexibility and capacity of NG-PON2, service providers have a clear path to collapsing disparate mobile, business, and residential networks into one, while hosting all of their key functions in one system.

AXOS is radically transforming service provider economics with achievable reductions in total cost of network operations of up to 80 percent. For more information, download the white paper “AXOS Redefines Access Economics – a TCO Study.”

To learn more about AXOS SMm and the AXOS E9-2, join Calix at the 2017 Fiber Connect, June 12 and 13 in Orlando, Florida. The Calix AXOS family and Calix Cloud will be on display in Booths 301 and 400.

About Calix

Calix, Inc. (NYSE: CALX) pioneered Software Defined Access and cloud products focused on access networks and the subscriber. Its portfolio of Intelligent Access systems and services combines AXOS, the revolutionary platform for access, with Calix Cloud, innovative cloud products for network data analytics and subscriber experience assurance. Together, they enable communications service providers to transform their businesses and be the winning service providers of tomorrow. For more information, visit the Calix website

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