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Press Release -- May 9th, 2017
Source: Interoute

iFusion Analytics and Interoute Partner to Deliver Analytics at the Edge

New infrastructure reduces overheads and costs in delivering data securely and on demand

London, UK – 09 May 2017 – iFusion Analytics, a provider of integrated big data as a Service (iBDaaS), has partnered with Interoute, owner-operator of a global cloud services platform and one of Europe’s largest and most advanced networks, to deliver edge analytics. By combining iFusion’s iBDaaS platform and Interoute’s global network of interconnected Virtual Data Centres (VDCs), organisations will be able to process data closer to the original source so that analytic insights can be delivered in minutes, rather than the hours it could take running a query using solely a location locked physical server.

“Many people still don’t completely understand how big data works. Previously, running queries against large databases would take hours depending on the volume of data being interrogated and the client’s location,” explained Mark Lewis, EVP, Products & Development at Interoute. “Deploying analytics software on Interoute’s global network of interconnectedVirtual Data Centres changes all of that and means big data insights can be extracted in minutes and used to inform everyday business decision making.”

To provide businesses with immediate insights and information, the partnership will enable iFusion to spin-up compute and storage on-demand to enable quicker database queries closer to the original data source. Big data will be processed at the edge of Interoute’s network before being securely collected, verified and sent to a central system for archiving. The central iFusion analytics system will provide an umbrella view of all the regional inputs so big data analytics is still performed for the overall organisation.


“The reach of Interoute’s private cloud capability will allow us to deliver unprecedented access to our disruptive, highly scalable analytics platform,” concluded Charlie McAlister, VP sales and business development at iFusion Analytics. “Our customers will be able to truly ‘act local and think global’ by quickly acting on data insights pertinent to the various levels of their organisation.”

All data will be transferred using Interoute’s low-latency, private network to protect the security and sovereignty of information. If local regulations prohibit personal data from crossing national boundaries then iFusion’s local collector will anonymise the required data so that it can be rolled up safely and securely. Interoute will also enable iFusion to run its infrastructure with a smaller team. Using Interoute’s Object Storage and connectors, big data applications can be cut down to a smaller size and pre-loaded as bespoke templates onto VDCs so that different types of analytics can be performed at local sites.

About iFusion Analytics
iFusion Analytics provides highly scalable Integrated Big Data as a Service capability aimed at specific business problems.  The “Templated” approach delivers a complete stack from the solution to a business problem through the Big Data Software componentry down to the deployment architecture and delivers capability as a service to our customers in conjunction with our partners. We have a presence in UK, US, Europe and India with global reach via our partners and alliances.

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