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Press Release -- May 5th, 2017
Source: Ericsson

Digital infrastructure: from human to machine

During a keynote presentation at the recent Red Hat open-source innovation summit, Jason Hoffman, Global Head of Cloud Infrastructure, explored datacenter automation, the software-defined revolution, and applications for deep learning. Watch the full presentation here.
Looking to the future, Hoffman talked about managing the scale and performance requirements of cloud applications and a new approach to digital business including data-centric processing, data governance, response times, scalability, and resilience.
“There’s a significant amount of simplification that actually occurs when you look at analog environments. We have to take this same type of simplification approach in what we’re doing from a software perspective,” he said.
Hoffman continued by asking the audience what would happen if we designed for robots instead of humans:
“Software-defined infrastructure is starting another revolution that not everyone may be aware of. when we think of a very basic question of how do we start designing mechanical systems and how do we start designing facilities for robotic systems and physical automation, we see how this already has occurred in places like car factories.”
Hoffman also emphasized that while the telecom industry advances virtualization in the core, the 5G edge and further into the network, players like AWS (Amazon Web Services) are moving closer to the edge. At some point, Hoffman says we’ll meet in the middle in a dynamic play to realize the future of digital.
He said: “For the last three years we’ve been working with a number of customers to uplift traditional telecom environments into fully virtualized networks that are meant to be simpler, automated highly accessible and capable of continuously improving to break the type of legacy hamster wheel that we sort of sit on.”

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