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Press Release -- March 14th, 2017
Source: Sprint Nextel

Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile USA Unveil the Big and Bold LG Stylo3

Bigger is better with the LG Stylo™3 from Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile, available today for $179.99 (plus tax). The LG Stylo3 comes equipped with a 5.7-inch HD touchscreen display, enhanced and interactive stylus, and fingerprint sensor. A bigger battery enables talk time up to 25 hours1, and the 1.4GHz octa-core processor allows for lightning-fast app and web usage. Write, sketch, doodle or annotate – the LG Stylo3 has something for everyone.

LG Stylo3 features include:

  • Quick and Easy Selfie Camera: Capture sensational selfies every time using auto shoot – simply look at your camera to take your selfies automatically.
  • Comfort Mode: Enjoy uninterrupted productivity as the Stylo3 display emits a comfortable glow for ease of use in low light.
  • Screen-Off Memo: There is no “off-switch” on an active imagination. No need to turn the LG Stylo3 on; simply pull out the pen and begin writing on the screen.
  • Enhanced Stylus: The new fiber tip pen is thinner, allowing you to be more accurate and precise; it reacts intuitively to changes in tilting and recognizes when your palm is resting without interpreting unintended screen touch.
  • Pop Memo: Add notes anywhere from any place. Simply select “Pop Memo” and get working.
  • Capture+: Add a touch of creativity to any screen. Simply write or draw, then crop, and save or share instantly.
  • Pop Scanner: Capture, trace and crop any picture and automatically view it straight on.
  • QuickMemo®+: Enjoy the most advanced version of QuickMemo, LG’s exclusive Stylus-friendly app.
  • Pen Keeper: Never leave your pen behind! The LG Stylo3 alerts you with a pop-up message if the stylus is separated from the device.

Pick Your Plan to Complement the LG Stylo3

Boost Mobile Unlimited Gigs
Boost Mobile offers incredible value and flexible data options. The Unlimited Gigs plan includes:

  • Unlimited talk, text and optimized streaming videos, gaming and music.
  • Unlimited nationwide 4G LTE data for most everything else.2
  • $50 a month for one line.
  • $30 a month for a second line, up to five total lines.

In addition to the Unlimited Gigs plan, Boost Mobile offers 2GB of 4G LTE high-speed data and unlimited talk, text and data for only $30 a month with Auto-Re-Boost. Customers looking for more high-speed data can add 1GB of 4G LTE data for $5 per month or 2GB of 4G LTE data for $10 per month. Multi-line plans are also available for families looking to save some money for an additional $30 a month per line.

Virgin Mobile USA DATA LOVE and DATA LOVE+
Virgin Mobile USA knows customers rely heavily on high-speed data to stay connected with family, friends, work and the rest of the world. To meet that need, Virgin Mobile is rolling out new DATA LOVE and DATA LOVE+ plans3, available online and in retail stores, including Best Buy, RadioShack, Target and Walmart.

Price $35/month $45/month
Talk and Text Unlimited Unlimited
Data1 Unlimited (5GB of 4G LTE data) Unlimited (10GB of 4G LTE data)

The no-contract DATA LOVE and DATA LOVE+ plans also include data-free music streaming4 from the apps customers love, including Pandora, iHeartRadio, Slacker Radio, 8tracks and Napster. Customers also looking for more high-speed data can add Data Packs5 available as an add-on at $5 for 1GB and $10 for 2GB per month.

# # #

1 Actual battery time may vary depending on network connectivity and application use.
2 Video streams at up to 480p+ resolution, music at up to 500kbps, streaming cloud gaming at up to 2Mbps.
3  Virgin Mobile has no annual service contracts; service subject to certain terms. Monthly plans are domestic only and include unlimited data, talk, text and 50 domestic voice roaming minutes (select devices). International services extra and subject to applicable rates.
4 Limitless Music: Some streaming partners may require paid subscription or assess other fees. Cloud streaming, song downloads, video content, non-audio content and other data sent by streaming partners (e.g., pic advertisements, album art) excluded. Hotspot data not included. Available from select content providers. Visit and check list as more services may be added.
5 Data Packs: Data packs available for select plans/devices only and expire when depleted or 30 days from purchase date.

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