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Press Release -- March 29th, 2017

Bandwidth 9-1-1 Supports Mobile VoIP Users with Robust New Routing Services

Bandwidth, the business-grade CPaaS company, today announced the release of its upgraded 9-1-1 Access services, designed to better serve the needs of the growing base of mobile VoIP users.


Bandwidth, the business-grade CPaaS company, today announced the release of its upgraded 9-1-1 Access services, designed to better serve the needs of the growing base of mobile VoIP users.

Bandwidth’s newest 9-1-1 updates will allow for a more tailored, extremely specific emergency location to be delivered at the time of an emergency call. The enhancements announced today round out Bandwidth’s extensive 9-1-1 Access portfolio, which also includes Standard Address Routing and a market-leading 9-1-1 API.

“As consumers become even more mobile, 9-1-1 becomes more complicated to administer,” said Bandwidth COO Steve Leonard. “Tracking the location of a user gets difficult, and in an emergency situation, every minute is critical. We can now pinpoint location with incredible precision, down to a specific room and floor in a large building, the exact area in a busy downtown metro, or wherever help is needed.”

Bandwidth’s Dynamic Location Routing uses XML to deliver precise location information for mobile callers using VoIP solutions, representing a significant improvement over existing 9-1-1 solutions for VoIP. In addition, it enables businesses to add context to emergency calls by attaching critical metadata to any location object provisioned in the Bandwidth 9-1-1 database. This is particularly useful when pinpointing specific locations, like a particular conference room within a building, or floor of a parking garage that can help save time and prevent confusion for emergency responders. Bandwidth Dynamic Location Routing is built around PIDF-LO (Presence Information Data Format Location Object) and is compliant with NENA requirements for next generation 9-1-1.

The 9-1-1 Access portfolio enhancement also includes Bandwidth Coordinate Routing, also designed to better support a more mobile VoIP user. Bandwidth Coordinate Routing combines the industry-leading geospatial mapping capabilities inherent in the Bandwidth communications platform and the process of reverse geocoding to provide a real-time translation of a caller’s address. This enables improved accuracy and faster response time for consumers during an emergency when location information was not pre-provisioned and calls might otherwise be routed to a call center in another state or county. This more robust solution makes it possible for virtually any caller to be located quickly in their time of need, without a pre-loaded address.

“As business and consumer technology becomes more mobile and further embedded in our lives, it’s becoming crucial for voice application and product developers to incorporate 9-1-1 functionality in their applications,” said Michael Brandenburg, Industry Analyst, Frost & Sullivan. “Bandwidth’s robust portfolio of 9-1-1 Access services speaks to the technology concerns of the modern business as well as the mobile lifestyle of today’s consumer.”

About Bandwidth
Bandwidth’s solutions are shaping the future of how we connect—with embedded voice and text for mobile apps and large-scale enterprise level solutions. At the core of Bandwidth’s business-grade CPaaS offering are communication APIs that allow companies to launch and scale next generation apps and solutions using the nation’s largest VoIP network. Bandwidth’s APIs provide easy access to phone numbers, voice calling, messaging and 9-1-1 emergency services, all built atop Bandwidth’s own nationwide network.

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