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Press Release -- March 20th, 2017
Source: Adva Optical Networking

ADVA Optical Networking and Inphi Demonstrate 100G Direct Detect Solution for Open DCI Systems

OFC Demo Underscores the Flexibility and Cost Efficiency of Disaggregated Technology for Metro Applications

March 20, 2017

The combination of our OLS with SmartAmp™ functionality and Inphi’s ColorZ platform solution presents a compelling opportunity for ICPs and CNPs to re-evaluate their DCI strategies.

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ADVA Optical Networking announced today a joint OFC demonstration with Inphi Corporation that reveals how ICPs and CNPs can use disaggregated direct detect technology to develop flexible and cost-efficient 100Gbit/s transport systems. Built on ADVA Optical Networking’s newly expanded FSP 3000 CloudConnect™ and Inphi’s ColorZ™ 100Gbit/s PAM4 platform solution in QSFP form factor, the demonstration shows ICPs and CNPs a truly open and best-of-breed alternative to more expensive and closed coherent options. By disaggregating each aspect of the terminal from the line system, ICPs and CNPs are able to evolve and optimize each network layer separately, enabling faster innovation cycles and achieving significant cost savings.

“What we’re showing at OFC isn’t a prototype or some forward-looking technology. Our Open Line System (OLS) with SmartAmp™ technology is a product that is shipping today; a product that is carrying live traffic over some of the busiest DCI networks in the world,” said Steve Penticost, VP, global business development, ADVA Optical Networking. “Together with Inphi, we’ve built a solution that clearly demonstrates to ICPs and CNPs how simple it is to develop a disaggregated direct detect system that can drive 100Gbit/s over 80km at incredible cost points. The combination of our OLS with SmartAmp™ functionality and Inphi’s ColorZ platform solution presents a compelling opportunity for ICPs and CNPs to re-evaluate their DCI strategies.”

The joint demonstration with Inphi uses ADVA Optical Networking’s recently announced direct detect OLS with SmartAmp™ technology to transport 3.6Tbit/s of bidirectional data across 80km of fiber. ADVA Optical Networking’s OLS is a key component of its FSP 3000 CloudConnect™ platform and has already achieved considerable customer success with significant shipments. Inphi’s recently launched ColorZ platform solution is the industry’s first silicon photonics to deliver 100Gbit/s PAM4 capabilities while achieving the lowest power consumption possible. When combined with ADVA Optical Networking’s OLS, the joint solution presents ICPs and CNPs with an incredibly cost-effective option for specific DCI applications.

“This year’s OFC is a major event for our team. We’re announcing the commercial availability for our ColorZ 100Gbit/s platform solution,” commented Dr. Loi Nguyen, founder, senior vice president, Optical Interconnect, Inphi. “What we’re demonstrating to ICPs and CNPs is how they can use our ColorZ technology in a disaggregated transport solution that delivers cost efficiency and innovation cycles in excess of anything seen today. Key to achieving this is ADVA Optical Networking’s OLS and SmartAmp™ technology. This enables us to transport 100Gbit/s direct detect data streams at significantly lower cost points than any other competing solution.”

The joint demonstration will be displayed at Inphi’s booth (#3601) at OFC 2017 from March 21 until 23.

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