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Press Release -- January 20th, 2017
Source: axiom

State of the Dark Fiber Union

Today we watch as the 45th President of the United States is inaugurated and instead of taking a step back to reflect on the state of our union, we are reflecting on the state of the dark fiber industry and what’s to come in the year ahead – after all, those tweets don’t share themselves.

Much like our great country, dark fiber has seen its fair share of highs and lows. The industry as a whole is seeing what only can be described as mild saturation, and analysts are predicting more consolidation. At Axiom, we operate within the New York City metro region, which strategically places us at the center of the connectivity universe, butAmerican Flag – not so strategically – also means we are surrounded by similar providers who offer similar services.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, because the truth remains that dark fiber is still in heavy demand and Axiom offers unparalleled service and custom solutions that knock out our competition. As you skim through your 2017 prediction reports, one thing is abundantly clear: data usage is growing exponentially. In the height of the Internet age, not only are financial institutions continuing to report dark fiber as a strategic asset, but government agencies and educational institutions are beginning to invest as well.

As verticals across the country bring their data online, bandwidth management and flexibility becomes essential to supporting heavy workloads. Dark fiber meets those bandwidth-intensive needs. With an ever-growing pool of applications on the rise, and increasingly simplified equipment management options, dark fiber infrastructure promises speed and control, as does Axiom Fiber.light-1502758_1280

For those service providers, enterprises both big and small, and public sector organizations looking to enhance network capabilities at its core, look no further than Axiom Fiber Networks’ dark fiber.

At Axiom Fiber we take a page out of American history and strive to be in business for the people, and that means offering our customers a strong network, without them having to relinquish any control. We pride ourselves on being able to mobilize quickly, change with the technology and adapt to any and all scenarios.

Start operating with speed, simplicity and confidence and contact us today.

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