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Press Release -- December 7th, 2016
Source: Verizon

Freestyle your way through life and success may follow

At the crossroads of music and technology is a track less traveled.
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Freestyle is the pulse of hip-hop culture that fuels creativity, freedom and lyrical skill. Originally a technique that refined the art of lyricism, today the term has taken on a new meaning, defining the way in which we pioneer our way through life. Freely, boldly and without boundaries.

One young pioneer who embodies this movement, London on da Track, freestyled his way to becoming one of today’s hottest producers, creating records for everyone from Rihanna to Drake. He shares how advancements in music technology continue to create pathways for hip-hop to evolve in new and exciting ways and credits the connection between music and technology to his professional and personal success.

Technological advancements in music have created opportunities for up-and-coming artists to break into the music business in uncharted ways.

Photo of London on da Track

London on da Track freestyled his way to becoming one of today’s hottest producers. He shares how advancements in music technology continue to create pathways for hip-hop to evolve in new and exciting ways

When Music and Technology Intersect

While most of us were navigating our way through puberty at the age of 13, London and his friends were making music with production software. And as a millennial, he doesn’t remember a time when he didn’t have technology at his fingertips. Undoubtedly, technology has fueled access to music beyond radio and television. “Today, you can purchase a music app for $9.99 and have access to an endless library of music that you can listen to virtually anywhere. In the past $9.99 would get you one album that you had to listen to at home,” said London.

London works around the clock, worldwide and relies heavily on his phone, computer and keyboard so he does not miss a beat. “I carry my keyboard around everywhere I go, because I work around the clock.  On the road, studio, anywhere.  Some producers make music with their computers, but I use my keyboard,” said London.

freestylin’ allows me to improvise and hear my pain in my lyrics.

#Freestyle50 Challenge

To honor the freestyle movement, Verizon is joining forces with 300 Entertainment to find the nation’s best freestyle lyricist through the launch of the #Freestyle50 challenge.  300 Entertainment is at the center of today’s music culture and truly embraces the raw, cutting-edge voices that are shaping the future of hip-hop.

Ultimately, seven aspiring artists will be awarded the gig of a lifetime as opening acts across upcoming 300 Entertainment artists’ tours. They will also participate in a live, freestyle cypher challenge in Atlanta on Dec. 17th for an opportunity to win a single deal with 300 Entertainment and $10,000. The record will be produced by London on da Track.

“I’m grateful to be able to give upcoming artists a chance to get on one of my tracks.  Being able to provide that to an artist is great. The grind never stops for me as a producer and there are obstacles that I’ve been able to overcome along the way. Being part of this movement and serving as a judge for Verizon’s #Freestyle50 challenge will allow me to give advice to some of the emerging artists who are talented and hungry for this life,” said London on Da Track.

With this partnership, Verizon and 300 Entertainment are honoring the voices of those who are shaping culture and creating a platform for people to celebrate themselves through lyricism. The contest encourages people to freestyle about who they are and how they’re breaking barriers to “freestyle their way through life.”

Contest ends on December 9, 2016

To enter, post a video of yourself freestyling to the instrumental of Dae Dae’s “Spend It” on Twitter or Instagram using #freestyle50challenge and tagging @verizon by midnight, December 9th.

About the author(s):

Tamika Rivera is a PR Manager at Verizon.

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